World Vitae exists to help you take charge of your health and your life. To provide you the tools and resources so you can experience better wellbeing. Our mission is to restore hope through positivity, natural health, and self-care. With our products and services, you can reveal your vitality and grace, become the best version of you, and naturally find balance and beauty in your own body.

You want to feel better and be better. World Vitae helps get you there.

What’s In A Name

Chinese Medicine…Indian Ayurveda…the diet and health practices of the Japanese…herbs and superfoods from Asia and Latin America.

At World Vitae, we travel the World to bring you the wisdom of the ancients coupled with the cutting edge of modern science.

The result? You recapture your best self — your Vitae. In other words: Vitality, Life + Energy.

What You’ll Find Here

While instant gratification, weight loss scams, and pill popping can be tempting, the truth is, to achieve optimal health and lifelong wellness, there are no quick fixes.

Instead, World Vitae provides quick tools. Tools that make it easy for you to pick the healthy option for you to take care of yourself.


World Vitae’s unique teas are blended with purpose. Whether to help you manage your weight, improve digestion, balance hormones, or elevate your mood, savor the taste of ancient herbal healing remedies that have been updated for the modern woman.


Our nutrition and cleanse programs not only optimize your health, but they also fit seamlessly into the demands of your busy, on-the-go day. With accountability and motivation plus your commitment and desire for change, seismic shifts happen.

How This Whole Thing Started

I believe it’s time to be your best self.

But what does that actually mean?

As the founder of World Vitae, I believe it means you are excited to jump out of bed in the morning. Your eyes twinkle. You are comfortable in your own skin. You have that spark, that zest for life. You know…that je ne se quoi.

Together, we bring all this out in you.

That radiance and confidence is in you. Trust me.

But somewhere along the way, it got easy to fall into the stresses and conveniences of modern life.

A restless night’s sleep followed by that dreaded alarm.

A cup of coffee here; a candy bar there. Anything to keep your eyes open as you power through your to-do list.

Grab-n-go meals because the mere thought of slaving over a stove to make a home cooked meal sends you into a panic. Who has the time?

You ignore that nagging ache or “feeling off.” It’s nothing to worry about, you say. It just means it’s time to toughen up and show ’em what you’re made of.

As a result, here’s what inevitably happens: Slowly the weight comes on and the fatigue or the carb cravings feel like they’re controlling your life.

Desperate, bent, and nearly broken, you go to the doctor, who scribbles out a couple prescriptions and shoos you out the door. You just spent more time in the waiting room than in front of the physician.

You are exhausted and hopeless. You long for change. For something better.

You want a new approach to feeling good and having energy. You want natural ways to manage stress and aging.

You’ve come to the right place!

I want you to know there is hope! You can be vibrantly healthy. But it will take effort and commitment on your part.

The effort and commitment to invest in yourself.

This story I just told you…That was me.

Before starting World Vitae, I constantly ignored my body telling me to slow down and to stop eating processed ‘food.’ Finally, those whispers became screams, and I couldn’t ignore them any more.

I dove in. I became a student of Chinese Medicine, studied Ayurveda (the traditional healing of India and the sister science to yoga), explored Balinese healing in Indonesia, became a registered yoga teacher, and read every nutrition book and medical journal I could get my eyes on.

I came to the stark realization that our modern Western society had abandoned some key principles of longevity and vitality.

Key principles of…

  • Self-care (nurturing your body, mind, and spirit) as fundamental to finding and restoring balance.
  • Food as medicine rejuvenates the body much more effectively than a pill.
  • Tea and herbs have sacred healing properties, can kick-start better health habits, and encourage total body wellness.

With World Vitae, I am bringing these three principles back in style. They form the foundation of World Vitae and are the driving force behind every one of my products and programs. This is my promise to you.

So I just have one question…

Are you ready to Be Your Best Self?

Begin today.

Learn simple things you can do at home to enhance your own self care–acupressure points, self-massage, and healing foods.

Get all this and more when you download Healthier Living Tips and Foods Inspired by Chinese Medicine.