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Do you wish you had more energy, brighter skin, and better health, naturally? Simple changes may be all you need to achieve vibrant health.

Integrating holistic nutrition with natural approaches to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), World Vitae can help you Awaken your Innate Vitality.  That means you tap into your body’s inner ability to balance, heal, and support itself. The result: more energy, better sleep, instinctively healthy food choices, clear mental focus, and moving freely while feeling full-on fantastic!

What is one thing you’d like to change about your health?

The Story
Toffler was generally pretty healthy, but common colds and upset stomachs plagued her; she always felt like she should have more energy, better mental clarity and productivity, weigh 10 pounds less, and not be so stressed.  Somehow that feeling of optimal health wasn’t quite there, but yet she sensed it was possible.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Have you always dreamt of vibrant health or radiant energy?

Toffler knew the answer wasn’t in doctors offices or medications. She started with exercising, adding and trying new sports until all she felt was exhaustion and resentment. Then she started over trying things with nutrition, fasting, and diets but the right, sustainable combination never seemed to emerge.

Eventually she found yoga, which was a potent stress reliever and helped to keep the weight down, but it didn’t remove her other sub-health doubts. So she expanded her research. She hit the road, pounded the books, and subjected herself to extensive self-experimentation to find the best for health, wellness, and vitality. Visiting hospitals, clinics, detox centers, health retreats, traditional healers, yoga classes; learning herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, purification, energy healing; and reading articles, publications, books, ancient and modern; traveling far and wide to find that elusive optimal health.

World Vitae is the culmination of that journey, combining nutrition, supplementation, fitness, cleansing, stress-relief, natural herbs, and balancing mental, physical, and emotional energy to

Awaken Innate Vitality.

About World Vitae
World Vitae started as a blog exploring traditional healing ofEast Asia, then the content expanded to cover wellness, herbs, nutrition, and yoga.  In 2011, World Vitae became a company, sticking true to its name and principles, offering

–          Health Coaching

–          Yoga lessons

–          Nutritional supplements

–          Herbal and natural products

–          Wellness trips, and

–          Information relating to wellness.

Mission: To bring the best of health and wellness from around the world to awaken your innate vitality.

What we stand for: To be transparent/forthright, support health, and provide value in everything we do. We are not beholden to advertisers, pharmaceuticals, food processors, nor insurance companies. We believe that the best path to vitality is by working with your body’s own natural ability to be healthy and strong.


The name
Our current health crisis will not be solved by merely following the status quo. Sometimes we need to look beyond what is current and what is in front of us to other countries, or traditional medicine practices that have evolved for centuries. And that is where “World” comes in: there is so much to be learned from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda in India, Balinese healing, the diet and health practices of the Japanese, herbs and super foods to be chosen from Asia, Latin America, and other health-supporting practices from around the world.

“Vitae” comes from Latin meaning Vitality, Life, Energy and reminds us that to truly live we need energy and vitality. It also evokes the sense that what is modern or current may not always be right or the best and that just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant (e.g. TCM).


The logo
The growing flower not only contains the letter W nested inside a V, but is meant to symbolize the uplifting and awakening of your innate vitality, just as the lotus rises from the muck to blossom in the sunshine. It is modeled after a lotus, which is a common symbol of wellness, longevity, and spiritual growth in China and India, is often associated with yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism, and can be used as both food and medicinal herbs. (Seriously, have you tried lotus root, lotus seeds, or lotus leaf tea? All very delish and nutritious!)


The Founder
Exploring nutrition and fitness for over 15 years, and later yoga, fasting, health and wellness, Toffler is passionate about discovering solutions and helping people improve their health in the unique way that makes sense for them. She has a B.S. from the University of Southern California, certificates from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, Greens Ayur Center, and is Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Don’t mind her Asian sensibilities and Chinese phone charms, she lived in China for 5 years and speaks Mandarin fluently.

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