What happened to the patient in healthcare?

take responsibility for your health

We have a healthcare system that serves itself. It serves itself to make money. It’s an ‘I’ll scratch your back…

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Brain Fog? Not Any More

Reduce Brain Fog

Brain fog sucks. And, unfortunately, not all that uncommon. Brain fog makes thinking clearly a challenge, forgetfulness all too common,…

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What to do When that 3 pm Lull Hits

Avoid Afternoon slump

You’ve been sitting at your desk for 6 hours, wondering when it’s time to go home, and have a nap……

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Do You Feel Hungrier in the Winter?

Paleo eating

Have you noticed that you feel hungrier in the winter? Do you find¬†you tend to want to eat more and…

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Skip the Detox Diet and Get Real


Real food, real health, real results, that is! With the the holiday season all wrapped up, you may be thinking…

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