Among many countless health benefits of cinnamon, including reducing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and fighting bacteria, it is also recommended by TCM doctors to alleviate menstrual cramps.

Starting about 2 days before you’d normally experience menstrual pain in your monthly cycle,  drink tea made with cinnamon.  Each day try to drink at least 2 glasses of cinnamon tea.  You can boil ground cinnamon with water or else swirl cinnamon stick in any hot beverage. Continue drinking twice daily until the menstrual cramp time has passed.

If you’re already experiencing cramps, you can also use cinnamon tea to reduce cramps.  Continue drinking twice daily until the pain is gone.

I tried drinking cinnamon tea and while not totally successful at eliminating cramps, I do think it helped reduce them a bit.  Next time I think I’ll try boiling the cinnamon longer to ensure the useful essence comes out in the water. Perhaps it is one of those things that the longer you take it, the more useful it is.  So next month it will be slightly more effective, and the month after that even more effective, and so on, until finally no cramps at all.

Cinnamon is a strongly warming food, meaning it heats you up and warms your digestive tract.  Therefore, if you have a fever or a TCM  ‘hot constitution,’ you probably shouldn’t consume too much cinnamon.