After my post about insomnia and my lunch with TCM Doctor Ann, I went back and talked to my grandma again about her insomnia and finding a solution.

First, I sent my grandma the below email. Afterward I had a phone conversation with her, repeating what Ann told me and explaining the ways in which TCM can combat insomnia that approach the problem differently than the other ways she’s already tried:

Ann mentioned that one of her specialties is treating insomnia and I mentioned your situation and she said ‘absolutely, get her in here!’  She’ll review your meds to see if any of them have side effects of insomnia, she’ll do acupuncture, herbs or whatever will work best.  She also said that clinical studies of Ambien only increase total sleep time 10-20min while decreasing quality of sleep.

Please, please at least try it.  I know its not covered by insurance, but she’s really lovely and since you’ve tried everything else, I think you should also consider seeing her.

And trust me, my grandma has tried just about everything else: sleep studies, different beds, different doctors, you name it. So my feeling was, if you’ve tried everything else, what’s one more? And then I waited…

This morning I got this wonderful email that made me cheer!

I have read over Ann Rea’s website and both Gramps and I have decided that when we get over these “bugs” that I will make an appointment with her for the acupuncture for insomnia. It is so disgusting laying awake many many nights even with Tracedone.

I’m totally thrilled my grandma agreed and is embracing TCM.

I guess if your condition is serious enough and you care enough about your life or quality of life, you’ll try anything. After discussing my previous post with a couple of people, it seems you have to want to change before you’ll actually open your eyes to the potential and try to change.

Now the job is in Ann’s hands.  I have total faith and I hope my grandma does too.

Here’s to a good nights sleep, and the willingness to change 😀