When the seasons change and the temperature shifts, it is easy to succumb to getting ill. It always seems just as fall arrives a whole wave of people get sick, and then again just as winter settles in, illness sweeps through again.

But what if we could protect ourselves and avoid getting sick?

Autumn is notoriously dry, which means we need to take extra care to protect our throat and lungs.  It is also the time when the sun gets lower in the sky and shines for fewer hours each day, meaning less vitamin-D is available. Here in North America, fall is also a stressful time leading up to the holidays with the added pressure on our time, our budgets, and our nerves.

So here is my guide to staying healthy this fall.

To Combat Dryness

  • Drink more water.  As the dry air blows over our skin, it pulls moisture out of the body, so we need to rehydrate the skin (and the whole body) by drinking more water. Dehydration also increases susceptibility to constipation, so drink more water for better digestion and excretion, too.
  • Use a humidifier at night. Breathing dry air, especially during the night, lowers the body’s defenses against cold and flu bugs. It also makes for a scratchy throat, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. The easiest way to combat all this is by using a humidifier at night. Choose a quiet one so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. The next morning, your nose, throat, and lungs will thank you.

To Boost the Immune System

  • Get 2000-3000IUs of Vitamin D daily.  As the sun gets lower in the sky, indicating the arrival of fall, the days get shorter, and we spend less time outside, there’s no way any of us are getting enough Vitamin D. And since Vitamin D so key to immune system function, metabolism, energy, and mood, supplementing up to (or even exceeding) 3000IUs per day is the best approach.
  • Support your immune system.  When everyone else around you is getting sick, you can still be healthy. You just need the right support for your immune system: a product called Immune.  With this supplement, I took my yearly colds from 4-6 down to only 1.  How’s that for impressive? And while everyone around me has colds, strep throat, or other illnesses, myself (and anyone else taking Immune) are the only ones who aren’t sick.  That could be you, too.

To Reduce Stress

  • Enjoy the fresh air. The air is cooler, but is not yet cold, so go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. As pressure mounts from the stresses of the holidays, reconnect with nature, enjoy the beauty, sounds, and peace that comes from being outside.  This can also be a good way to spend quality time with alone or with friends or family.  Research shows just being in nature lowers stress. So go find a way to spend some time outside.

These are my tips to staying healthy in the fall, what are yours?