Today’s post is off-topic from the usual Eastern health, but still deals very much with alternative healing. Please tell me in the comments below if you have any reaction to this post or prefer I stick with Eastern health and medicine topics.

Yesterday was the second time in 15months, I completed the Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse / Gallbladder Flush.

I did it a little bit different both times, so I’ll compare and contrast them and then give my overall thoughts.  But the short version: I’m not that big of a fan, especially the second time.

Quick summary of the process

  1. Fast with juice or raw food ahead of time. Get all metal fillings taken out of your teeth. Do a parasite cleanse immediately before. Also recommended to do a kidney cleanse.
  2. Drink lots of apple juice in the 2-5 days leading up to the cleanse.
  3. Drink epsom salts mixed in water, twice, 2 hours apart.
  4. Drink ~1/2 cup olive oil mixed with ~1/2 grapefruit (or other juice).
  5. Go immediately to bed, lying on either the back or the liver side (right side).
  6. After 6am the next morning drink 2 more doses of epsom salts, 2 hours apart.
  7. Pass gall and liver stones.
  8. Gradually reintroduce juice, fruits, and other foods back into your diet.
  9. Feel lighter, more energetic, pain free, and allergy free for the first time in (presumably) years.

First time

The first time I did the gallbladder flush was January 2010 to rid myself of stones in my gallbladder that were causing my upset stomach, right side ache, and back soreness, etc. (I’ve never had any allergies). That time I did the parasite cleanse, a very short fast, and drank apple juice, but not the kidney cleanse, and I don’t think I have any metal in my mouth -_^

I used grape juice as I couldn’t find grapefruit juice.  And let me tell you–it was horrible!  The olive oil and grape juice don’t mix so it was this repulsive thick oil with purple juice.  And it did not sit well! I spent about half the night throwing that mixture back up.  Ugh! Don’t use grape juice!  Not to mention the epsom salts taste awful as well and lead to diarrhea during the entire time, and them some.

Second time

This time my motivation was less my gallbladder and more my liver, spleen, stomach, and pancreas; however, I didn’t have any symptoms relating specifically to my liver or gallbladder (except a pinching feeling behind my right shoulder blade). Perhaps the lack of direct symptoms should have been my first clue not to do the liver flush again.

I started with a 6-day juice fast, including lots and lots of apple juice. But no parasite or kidney cleanse.  After that, I followed everything to the letter (minus the Ornithine). I used a grapefruit-like fruit (as explained to me in Chinese: a pomelo, but smaller) and lemon juice mixed together.  This juice combination actually did (thankfully!) blend with the olive oil and was much easier to get down and stay down than the grape juice.  Although I didn’t sleep much that night (I don’t know where to get Ornithine capsules and usually don’t take sleeping pills) and had to run to the toilet more than bears repeating due to the epsom salts, the process went as directed.


First, if (and that’s a big IF) you’re going to do this, and mix the oil with the juice, absolutely use grapefruit (or at least citrus). Otherwise, chase the oil with the juice and vice-versa.

Second, both times during the process my feeling was these 12-18 hours rank among the worst hours of my life! Besides the horrible liquids you’re expected to consume, the pain and soreness in the abdomen nearly makes me want to rip my rib cage off, yet I’m forced to lie absolutely still and only sip water. And the fact that the soreness and diarrhea lingers even after it is supposedly over–not nice.  🙁

About the ‘stones’

Some people swear by the need to get stones out and the success of this flush in removing ‘stones.’ Other advocates emphasize removing stones isn’t the goal, but rather how you feel afterwards.  Detractors such as QuackWatch and ScienceBasedMedicine (yes, I read the counter viewpoint before both times) state that this flush doesn’t remove stones. But rather, the ‘stones’ people collect are actually clumps of oil and citrus juice created during the night from the drink.

While I have no scientific method of verifying what is actually being passed, and of course it may be different for different people, here is my assessment. Most of what people see and count as ‘stones’ are actually clumps of oil and old food matter being propelled out by the epsom salts. But yes, some (of the smaller ones) are actually gallstones (if you have stones that need to be passed). And the chaff that comes with the ‘stones’ may come from the gallbladder, but most likely comes from the intestines. Read online, believe what you want, but that’s what I see happening.


But obviously the point is, the ‘after,’ and how you feel when its done.  Have you alleviated gallbladder pain? flushed gallstones? eliminated allergies? relieved shoulder and back soreness? Brightened your eyes and eliminated under-eye circles? Do you feel great? more energetic? lighter?

After the first time, I reflected on it and I was glad that I did it.  Within a day it did eliminate my gallbladder pain and back soreness, and brightened my under-eye circles.  I didn’t feel great, more energetic or lighter afterward. But I was still satisfied I did it.  HOWEVER, I swore to myself not to do it again, except in extreme need from my gallbladder.

What possessed me to do it this time, I’m not sure.  This time, I’m not glad I did it. I received no such benefits. My abdomen area is still being finicky and I still have a sore place behind my shoulder blade (hmm, must be time for a more intense massage). And I would say I’m even more against it now than I was before.

Would I recommend it to someone else?

Haven’t yet. And probably won’t. Except: if the only other alternative is surgery to have your gallbladder removed, then yes, this is better than surgery. (But don’t say I said so)

And unfortunately, Chinese medicine doesn’t have a cure for gallbladder attack (gallstones) either. So the best plan is just to watch your diet, drink alcohol sparingly, and avoid getting to this point in the first place.


Have you tried the liver cleanse / gallbladder flush? What was your experience? Would you do it again? Recommend it to someone else?