Look at these photos to understand better what acupuncture for weight loss entails. There are lots of acupoints on the stomach, along the stomach and spleen meridians, on fatty parts, and on other related  points.

(In the featured and below image, the ridged skin on the belly was not caused by the treatment.)

Encouraging weight loss

Postnatal Weight Loss

In the above picture you can see the doctor has also chosen points on her legs. In the below picture, the girl has needles in her arms, to slim those areas as well.

stomach and arm points

We use electrical impulse machines to aid the fat metabolizing function of the needle. Adding the heat lamp over top contributes to the thermogenic effect.

Weight loss

The graphic below shows the added benefit of choosing so many stomach points: they represent fatty areas on the upper or lower body and limbs. Thus needling on the stomach can not only thin that area, it can also work remotely, on the thighs, for example.

Abdomen acupoints

For further explanation of how acupuncture for weight loss works, read these posts: TCM Weight Loss Acupuncture, and TCM Philosophy of Weight Loss.