tea_plantationWhile commonly believed that tea originated in China, the actual birthplace of the tea plant, and its cultivation, sparked a debate lasting more than 100 years.

India claimed the large leaf variety of tea, now commonly used for drinking tea originated in Assam, India.  China, of course, disputed India, calling itself the birthplace of the tea plant.

China, in Yunnan province, has some of the most ancient tea trees, many over 1000 years old, but India claims those were imported from (or descended from ones that were imported from) Assam.

Watch the debate unfold in this 2-video series.  And see some super sleuthing take place by tea experts, botanists, historians and more, as they trace the evolution of the large leaf variety of tea to its origin to finally reveal, where, in fact, tea plants originated.

Part 1

Part 2