Last year I translated from Chinese to English lots of info sheets on Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to health. A Shanghainese TCM doctor who works with a very international clientele in SH, including locals, initially wrote the info sheets in Chinese, but hadn’t yet had a chance to write them in English.  So I volunteered.  One of the earliest I did was on weight loss, which will also kick off my series on the TCM steps to losing weight. (Looking for the practical, step-by-step approach? Start here.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to a Thinner You

Are you ready?  Have you focused in on attaining your ideal figure?  Before you take any action, really ask yourself, “why do I want to lose weight?”  Is it because you can’t fit into your favorite clothes?  Because you just look heavy?  Or is it because you feel your health declining? No matter the reason, the primary step is to be clear with yourself that improving your look will make you happier and more satisfied.  Then you need to learn to care for yourself and figure out what you need and what you like; this means being more observant of what you are eating so that you can maintain control and balance while still enjoying your favorite foods.  Here begins the path to a healthier, more beautiful you.

Beautiful Body Slimming Treatment

Let the Doctor Help you become Healthier and Thinner

The Chinese Medicine Secret to Being Thinner

Modern medical studies show that Chinese Medicine techniques can accelerate lipolysis, inhibit fat production, enhance intestinal peristalsis, increase stool clearance, replenish blood and body qi, improve blood circulation, and speed up the metabolism, in addition to other benefits.  As your lipids (blood fats) are lowered, you will experience detoxification, and your body will become better balanced, allowing you to regain your health.  Furthermore, taking Chinese medicine will not cause stomach pain or diarrhea.

Acupuncture for Body Sculpting

Chinese Medicine theory suggests obesity is caused by poorly functioning lung, spleen, kidney, and 三脏 “san jiao” (triple energy), as well as by water retention, phlegm accumulation and blockage, and cholesterol-induced blood stasis which negatively impacts blood qi and the body’s meridians. By activating the meridians, acupuncture can help reduce water retention and phlegm congestion.  Modern medical study proves that acupuncture at specific points can stimulate the nervous and endocrine systems, regulate metabolic function, strengthen internal organs, and stabilize the autonomic nervous system, all for the purpose of weight loss.

For many people, the greatest appeal of acupuncture lies in its ability to help sculpt the preferred shape of the body.  It works because acupuncture penetrates through the fat layer to directly stimulate the fat cells, thus activating fat loss by quickly sweeping fat out of the body.

But, I’m afraid of acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture holds that Qi indicates the problem point (“气至病所”).  Pressing certain key points reveals soreness, swelling, stress, numbness, and pain, and can be used effectively to relieve those feelings.  But the ‘needle’ feeling can make some people shy away from this otherwise natural approach to weight loss.  In recognizing your concerns, we select the points with the lowest pain indices, use very fine, one-time use needles, and emphasize little to no pain, safety, speed, and efficiency in our acupuncture practice.  If you are still afraid of acupuncture, we can apply small patches to target specific points through slight vibration, which feels like a gentle massage.  By combining the ancient tradition and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern theory and practice, we create an environment comfortable and beneficial to today’s clientele.

Proper diet is the key to preventing weight regain

After the success of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in weight loss, a proper diet is the key to maintaining the loss and preventing weight regain.  The below points should be adhered to after the weight loss treatment:

1)      Don’t let yourself become hungry – Thousands of years ago, humans were hunter-gatherers eating meat, roots, leaves, seeds, and fruits when they could find it.  When food enters the stomach, it is digested and broken down so the nutrients can be used for energy while excessive calories are stored as fat to be used later.  When the body requires it, the fat will be converted into fuel for energy.

In the last 100 years, humanity’s food and calorie needs have been more than satisfied.  But genetics cannot overcome this change so fast; estimates put the time required to adapt at 3000 to 1 million years.  Thus, our genes retain the memory of hunger and storage.  As soon as we start to feel hungry, the body goes into storage mode, storing calories as fat to protect ourselves in case of famine. The body can only tolerate moderate hunger once in a while, after that it goes into fat storage and conservation mode, which can lead to weight gain or other metabolic complications.

Eating is of fundamental importance; it is not OK to not eat.  We eat to be happy; it’s relaxing and enjoyable, but we should try not to place too much of a burden on our body.  Slowly we develop the wisdom to make good food choices, which improves our ability to keep the weight off.

2)      Eat slowly – Eating anything should be an experience in taste, sense, and enjoyment.  Even if it’s as simple as boiled egg, put it on a plate, cut it into pieces, add salt, pepper, and take the time to enjoy it.  Even if you don’t have much time, at least sit down to eat; this forces you to stop and think about what you’re eating.

Wolfing down food, without taking the time to enjoy it, will lead to overeating and feelings of being overstuffed.  If you eat without also appreciating the appearance of the food, you might as well just consume protein powder or glucose syrup.

3)      Drink More Water – If you only wait to drink water when you feel thirsty, that means you are already dehydrated.  To rely only on the water in food, is not enough.  Many people mistake thirst for hunger.  Thus, water, in some ways, can prevent hunger; therefore, make drinking enough water a daily habit.  When you drink enough water you feel satiated and the cells of the body will have a normal metabolism.  Water is so important to the body because it is used in all these processes, breathing, perspiration, and waste excretion; even when we are sleeping, our body needs water.  Now, go drink a glass of water!

The purpose of the whole program is to help you live a happier, more satisfied life, enjoy wonderful food, and become a more beautiful you.  It’s only a matter of choosing the correct approach, being resolved in your commitment, and you too will see and feel the results.

Your health is our greatest source of happiness.

臻田中医诊所  周臻妤 医师

Dr. Vivienne M. Zhou

~Translated by Toffler