Last year I went to my TCM doctor and asked her to put me on her weight loss course: 10 sessions of acupuncture and weight loss plan for a set price.  The 10 sessions can be 1 week apart or even as much as 2 weeks apart. Over that time and subsequently, I lost 9kilograms, about 12% of my body weight, including losing inches off my thighs, butt, hips, and stomach.  I’m not saying it was easy, but it did get me back to my early high school weight and helped to reshape and noticeably thin down specific areas.

As any effort to lose weight involves a multi-pronged approach, TCM weight loss is far more than just acupuncture.  It includes all the steps listed below, which I’ll explain in more detail over the following posts.  (Each item has its own post.) The following are all the efforts directed by the TCM doctor to aid in my (successful) weight loss.

Food chart
Water consumption
Diet, specifically carbohydrate intake
– Herbs
Acupuncture: Ear needles
Commitment and Accountability
No high heart-rate exercising
Scraping (gua sha)
Diet tea
– Moxa for cellulite

Regardless of whether you’re ok with acupuncture or willing to spend the money on it and the herbs, some of these steps are essential to any weight loss program, e.g. diet and water consumption. And they others just complement and aid any approach to weight loss. Read more about them in upcoming posts.  Or contact a TCM doctor near you and ask what approach they suggest for losing weight.

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