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BeEnergized Matcha


“I love that ‘high on life’ feeling–happy, energized, alive. Most of the time it comes naturally from doing what I love and being confident in myself. Sometimes, though, I need a little boost–something uplifting on a sluggish morning or extra power to get through my workout. Matcha is great for that, so I stash BeEnergized everywhere–in my purse, gym bag, and desk drawer. But honestly, I’d drink this matcha just for pure enjoyment–the smooth taste is amazing!”

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What is BeEnergized?

BeEnergized consists of pure ceremonial-grade matcha*, a high-quality powdered form of green tea. This matcha is shade-grown in Japan, which increases it’s antioxidant value, catechin content (including EGCG), and caffeine level. That means, it has all the properties of green tea, but greater.

With matcha, since it’s powdered, you consume the entire leaf (instead of just what gets infused in water), thus you’re ingesting even more of the benefits of green tea.

BeEnergized is supplied by DoMatcha in single-serve sticks making it easy to add one serving to a smoothie or shake it into a water bottle while on the go. It can be consumed as tea (in hot or cold water), made into a latte, or added to sweet or savory recipes.

*Contains caffeine. Sugar-free. No additives.

Each stick contains 1.5 grams of matcha. Choose from a single stick or a box of 24.

What does it taste like?

Because this is ceremonial-grade matcha, with no additives or blending agents, it has richness of green tea, with the freshness of an ocean breeze, the sweetness of berries, and the umami of Japanese food.

This Matcha is so smooth, almost creamy, even without milk.

If you like green tea, you’ll love this!

How to use matcha

Because it is powdered, matcha offers unlimited possibilities for beverage and culinary creations.

Drink it!

  • Cold brew by adding the contents of stick to water bottle with ice cold water. Shake well.
  • Mix hot water (~170°F) and contents of stick together in a tall heat proof container. Use a whisk, milk frother, or hand blender to mix well, creating a foam cap.
  • Add contents of stick to smoothies, shakes, lemonade, or fresh juice.

Eat it!

  • Add it to baked goods. Or sprinkle it on cakes for a beautiful green color.
  • Try it in chia seed pudding.
  • Toss over buttered popcorn.
  • Use it in pancake or waffle batter.
  • Mix into soups or stews, just before eating.
  • For more ideas check out my pins.

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