Inspired by Dan of Tropical MBA‘s commitment to quitting carbs and sugars, and further advocated by Dr. Dukan and Dr. Atkins, I’m undertaking this challenge.  To be clear, it is not all carbs, as explained below, but rather the starchy, sugary, processed ones that must go.


Like Dan mentions,

  • to avoid the highs and lows of the blood sugar roller coaster
  • for clean, pure, stable energy throughout the day
  • to increase clarity and concentration, thereby generating a more productive workday
  • to feel better and more empowered
  • to curb the addiction
  • to refresh the taste buds
  • to lose weight.

Plus I’d like to add:

  • to minimize predisposition to that nasty metabolic syndrome, including heart disease, diabetes, etc
  • to reduce exposure to chemicals, additives, preservatives, and processing of foods typical of most carbs, which by the way, contribute to cancer
  • for curing insomnia
  • to clean out the digestive tract that gets really gummy and cruded-up with processed foods and starches, and
  • to detox.

So, my rules (for me):

  1. No grains: As Dan said, this is really what people mean when they say ‘no carbs.’ Cut all the processed stuff, including brown rice, pasta, etc. Exception: Oat bran and wheat ban are allowed because Dr. Dukan allows them on his pure protein diet and they are super high in fiber and protein.
  2. Starches=caution: Basically, no starches allowed, i.e. no potatoes. Exception: I’m allowing some because they are allowed, even required on Tracy Anderson‘s diet, including parsnips, corn, sweet potato, etc and because they are slow-digesting carbs and are high in nutrients and fiber.
  3. No added sugars: No sugar substitutes, no adding sugar to anything, no eating anything with sugar as a known ingredient. The hidden sugars or cleverly named sugars are always the tricky part. But yes, this does mean fruit (in limited quantities!) is allowed.
  4. No sweetened drinks: See #3, no added sugars.  So no juice, no soda, nor any other sweetened drinks. And this includes most cocktails because of the sweetening element=not allowed. Exception: Orenda Oki juice which is pressed from mega superfruits and doesn’t contain added sweetener. Wine, of the drier variety, is allowed (up to 4 glasses/week.)
  5. Limit the fat: Oftentimes we try to substitute and satisfy the body’s craving for the sugars, starches, and grains with fats, hence this rule. No nuts (for me it’s just too easy to overeat on nuts). Limit the cheese, oils, and other added fats.
  6. No cheat day: Unlike Dan, I’m not going to allow a cheat day.  For me one cheat day slides into a cheat here or there and pretty soon the whole plan has bit the dust.
  7. Post results: I’ll let you keep me accountable by posting slip-ups and other failings. Or successes and weight loss.

So what does this mean?  It is a test, a challenge, an experiment in connecting with the body, listening to it, and beefing up the willpower. But if it goes well, the results should be pretty dang awesome!!!!!!!

Anyone want to join the 30-Day Challenge with me? Post a comment below!

P.S. By the way, I’m on Day 2. And my 30 days will be complete just in time for my trip to NYC. Big smile!

P.P.S. And I’m on Day 13 of Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis.  Surprisingly, my knees and ankles are holding up much better this time than the last time around. Rockin 2012 straight to the health bank!