massage for headaches

If you’ve ever talked to me about health, and probably also if you’ve read this blog, you know I prefer natural approaches to health and wellness as well as for curing disease and illness, whenever possible. And so, while the most common thought for headache relief is to pop an Advil(R) or aspirin, that is something I pretty much never do, and would not advise someone to do either.

So then, you ask, ‘what is to be done? The headache is already here and I’m suffering and I want relief, but I’m not supposed to take a pill. What can I do?’

To that, I offer

5 Ways to Relieve Headaches Naturally


Perform a self massage around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and any other affected areas. Make it as light or gentle as your condition demands.  Use your thumbs, fingers, or base of the palm. This reduces tension, clenching, and constriction while increasing blood flow to to the face and head. Read more about massage for headache relief.


For many people headaches get started by staring at a computer all day.  We strain our eyes staring at tiny letters on a brightly lit computer screen and in doing so, make our eyes tired and cause tension in our face. By following this video to relieve eye strain and tension, you can be proactive in preventing headaches and maintaining good eye sight, as well as cure your headache this way.


The Indians, as far back as a couple of milennia, came up with their own way to relieve (and prevent!) headaches: opening the nasal passageways, reducing constriction, and resuming blood flow to that area. To make all this happen, they boil herbs into oil, of which 1-2 drops are then dropped into each nostril. The feeling is like whoooosh as everything opens and clears, offering instant relief. There are two types of drops for headache/migraine relief: ksheerabala tailam and anu tailam. Great to keep in your briefcase or purse for anytime you sense a headache coming on.


The general pain relief acupoint, located on the webbing between the thumb and index finger next to the bone of the index finger works well for headaches. In my experience, pressing or rubbing on this takes about 10-20 minutes to ease or totally cure the headache. You can learn more about acupoints in my ebook.


Because not everyone has anu tailam at home, the Indians discovered a kitchen spice remedy for headaches as well: ginger. Mix 1 tablespoon milk with half-teaspoon ginger powder, then place 1 drop in each nostril. Follow with cool cloth applied on head. If you’re not totally grossed out by putting milk in your nose, you’ll find that this creates an opening and relief in the front of the face, nasal area, and forehead which allows greater blood flow and reduced constriction.

Which natural headache remedies have you tried? Any of these?  Leave a comment below and tell us which ones you’ve found to be most effective. Or try Anu Tailam – a go anywhere, immediate headache relief made of all natural herbs.

Image by Flickr User: allspice1