Huge fan of acupuncture over here for benefits related to energy, body, stress relief, balance, and health.  But there may be even more to it. Read today’s guest post to see what I mean…

There may be a whole lot of debate and ambiguity surrounding acupuncture. However, this is exactly what tempts us to try it in first place. And well, it may not be the cure for cancer, but it certainly feels awesome, if you just try it. Acupuncture can open you up to positive experiences, like the following five…

1)   An open mind

At the end of it all, one fact that remains inarguable is that it sets you thinking. It’s something that can get even the staunchest of skeptics curious. Acupuncture opens up a whole new dimension of healing and repair. Which is why, acupuncture is something that deserves a mention on the bucket list. After all, the one thing about trying something absolutely off-beat and doubted-by-all and living to tell the tale is that it can be life-changing, even in the most subtle ways. It makes you throw away your colored glasses and accept that there is never a single view of the world.

2) Relaxation

Have you ever walked barefoot on a bed of spindly grass or a pebbly path? It feels good, right? Now imagine that same feeling over most parts of your body. It’s as if the needles actually puncture out all the exhaustion and stress from the body.

It’s as good as spa therapy, only pokier (and nicer!).

Acupuncture gets to work the very instant the needles touch the skin. It sobers the nervous system, smooths out the frazzled nerves and very well arms you to take on the stress that may come your way once you jump back into civilization.

3) Exploring the finer nuances of nature

This is pretty much the very essence of acupuncture. It makes you realize that you are only a minuscule part of the large universe, and yet there are so many ways in which nature can affect you.

Acupuncture can brings to light how every element is connected as if by fine silken threads, and how something like the weather, too, can affect our health. Once you realize this, you learn to pay special attention to things that you otherwise never even noticed. This in turn, gives you a keen eye for minute details- an amazing perception that will not only help you perform better at work but also allow greater appreciation for the world and life, in general. It’s something as amazing as developing your own state of Zen.

4) Mental clarity

It’s common knowledge that acupuncture fills the body with renewed vigor and energy. This in turn, translates into a refreshed mind. And, a mind that’s fresh, is a mind that’s clear.

Mental clarity may not give you peace of mind, but it sure enough keeps you well-motivated and confident, even in crisis and chaos. And isn’t that the sign of a true leader or a success story?

Once out of the session, you’ll actually feel like all that black smog has been magically vacuumed out of your mind- a benefit that goes a long way in ensuring productivity and overall well-being.

5) Let’s you embrace unconventionality

We all seem to be stuck in some sort of rut, mechanically going through the daily motions of life. And then, whine about it whenever we get the time and to whoever that’s willing to listen. What’s worse is that we seem to be perfectly okay with it- all of it.

Acupuncture lets you take that much needed break now. But more than anything else, it gives you the courage to chase what intrigues you. And hey, if you had the courage and heart to go through acupuncture, you can jump headfirst into any level of craziness. You’re just that awesome.

Openness and willingness to accept the changes and oddities of life are what make life’s lemons less bitter. Acupuncture just captures this essence and makes your journey a whole lot healthier and bearable.

Today’s guest author, Edward James, works for Ingri, at CT Accupuncture Centre. He admires the new technological developments that have developed this form of Chinese medicine and writes about the same.

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