Wow, I’ve been severely neglecting this blog for the last week. But here we are, back with a guest post.

Imagine saving hard all year to go away on holiday and having to spend most of time in your bed because you got sick. This isn’t the most uncommon thing in the world and it’s because people don’t usually know how to look after themselves in a strange country. You might think it’s the same as looking after yourself at home, but that’s not exactly true. If you have anywhere booked for next year it’s a good idea to have everything prepared in advance so we’ll go over a few things now you should look out for.

Too long in the sun
If you don’t come from somewhere that always has hot weather you might not be prepared for what’s about to happen. Lying at the beach all day when it’s hot is like cooking yourself in an oven at full power. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day. Another thing you can do is walk around with a hat on. If you should get sunstroke it’s the most horrible thing in the world, but even something as simple as sunburn could ruin your holiday.

Don’t drink the water
When you drink water from a tap in a strange country you are taking a big chance. Your stomach will not be able to handle the bacteria in the water and you’ll spend the next few days on the toilet. It’s no way to spend your time when everyone is outside having fun. The only way to protect yourself is by drinking bottled water which is going to be pretty cheap in most places where tap water is undrinkable.

Having fun in the sack
If you’re going to be having sex with strange men/women you need to wear protection. You should be wearing it all the time anyway, but when you’re abroad it’s absolutely crucial because most places will have a higher risk of HIV and other various sexually transmitted infections. That’s one thing you don’t want to bring back with you, especially one that can’t be cured and could eventually be the cause of your death.

Eat cooked food
In most countries you only want to eat food that’s been thoroughly cooked because the heat will get rid of any bacteria lying on it. Don’t try to order salads or fruit because they will usually use local water to wash them. It’s almost the same as drinking straight from the tap. A few other things you should watch out for is using ice in your drinks and eating seafood. It just depends where you are at the end of the day.

Filling your belly with spices
It’s easy to get excited when you touch down in a country famous for its curries. They are the best tasting food in the world to a huge amount of people, but your body might not be prepared for the huge amount of chilies that are about to attack it. The day after a few too many curries you’ll be walking about with cramps in your stomach and it’s not worth it when you could have taken your time and worked your way up to the spiciest stuff.

Don’t forget the proper insurance
Having the right insurance is a great idea because you never know what will happen. If a serious accident was to happen you would want to know you’re getting the best care possible. You might be left crippled with debt because you didn’t prepare yourself before you left. Remember than you might need extra cover depending on how you plan to spend your time. If you’re doing some extreme sports you will definitely need to pay a little more.

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