Why You Should Drink Tea EverydayTea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide and, according to legend, has been drunk for millennia for health and longevity, for focus and wakefulness during meditation, and for the social and pleasurable aspects of a nicely prepared cup. Despite it’s ancient history, tea is a relatively new, novel, and trendy beverage in the US–it’s catching on quickly, particularly as it receives more recognition for its purported health benefits.

Therefore, if you still haven’t jumped on the tea bandwagon, this article is for you.

While I could probably list hundreds of reasons to drink tea, I’ve tried to group and simplify this list into just a few.

Reason #1: Health

If you’ve read any of this blog or caught any tea-related headlines, undoubtedly you’re aware tea may be good for health. Research suggests tea is good for dental health, can prevent stroke, cataracts, dementia, and more, and help moderate blood sugar. Most of these benefits are only achieved by drinking tea daily–experts recommend at least 3-6 cups per day. Click here to find out some of the other health benefits of tea.

Reason #2: Skin

Likewise, a daily tea habit is also good for skin. Younger-looking skin, that’s brighter and clearer, can result from drinking more tea because the antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols help to maintain resiliency of skin, clear out the bacteria that cause acne, and remove free radicals that create dark spots and a dull appearance. Can you favorite beauty product do all that? Plus, you can put cooled tea bags over your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. So, drink more tea for better-looking skin.

Reason #3: Waistline

Green tea has gotten a fantastic reputation as a metabolism booster, but it’s not the only tea that deserves praise for keeping the waistline trim. Black tea has been found to moderate spikes in blood sugar (high blood sugar leads to fat storage), which could mean less belly fat. Many people have found that drinking tea (such as Belight Tea) reduces hunger and curbs cravings to further aid weight management. (Read more about the skin and weight-control benefits of drinking tea.)

Reason #4: Pleasure

How can we ignore the pleasure to be derived from drinking tea daily–the fun of selecting a tea, the ritual of making a cup, the mindfulness of detecting floral, fruity, or bitter notes, how the liqueur flows over the tongue and the aromas waft up to the nose, all of these create the simple pleasure of enjoying a cup of tea. Not to mention the taste creates a pleasure all of it’s own.

Reason #5: How it makes you feel

Tea has a unique ability to simultaneously relax and energize, leading to a level of calm, stable, focused energy that’s not jittery. It’s all about how it makes you feel: alert, awake, clear-headed, and energized, yet calm, relaxed, stable, balanced, and less stressed. Just for that sweet spot that only tea provides, is reason enough to drink tea daily.

Reason #6: Endless variety with 0 calories

Tea in bottlesWhat other beverage can you name that’s 0 calories and yet offers endless variety: hot, cold, floral, fruity, grassy, bitter, earthy, sweet, creamy, delicate, perfumed, and more. With so many different types and flavors of tea, you’ll never get bored. And better yet, you won’t take in excess calories in sampling many different teas (unless of course you’re drinking bottled tea with added sugars). Not many food or beverages can offer that, so go on, have a new type everyday.

Reason #7: Sophistication

Finally, drinking tea daily helps you develop a palette for tea, an understanding of the different types, knowledge of what you like and don’t like, and a certain refinement of your tea-tasting senses, which leads to a new level of (perceived) sophistication. Imagine walking into a tea shop or cafe and asking for a First Flush Darjeeling, or a lightly-oxidized oolong with floral notes, or a smoky Lapsang Souchong, wouldn’t your friends be impressed with your familiarity of tea and clarity in knowing what you like? Tea drinkers, my friend, are perceived as more sophisticated, but to truly embody that, a daily tea habit will get you there the fastest.

While many people gravitate to only one of these reasons for drinking tea, say taste or perceived health benefits, all of them begin to blossom and grow if you take up a daily tea habit. You’ll find your skin is better, weight control easier, health improving, focus and energy are maintained, enhanced pleasure is derived from small things, you are never without something new to drink, and your level of sophistication will be heightened, all just by drinking tea daily.

Pure awesomeness!

Not sure where to start? Consider a very mild tea, that supports weight control and overall health, and provides pleasure and stable energy with it’s unique blend and delicate flavor–consider Belight Tea.