Today’s guest post takes a new approach to the benefits of yoga: how the ancient practice of movement and breath can help anyone live forever young. 

Did you know that yoga may be the secret to aging gracefully? Statistics by the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health show that over 20 million adults in the US practice yoga. Carefully selected sets of yoga poses can help seniors reduce back pain, maintain healthy organ function, plus enjoy several other health benefits. There are several reasons why yoga, enhanced via a yoga retreat, is perfect for seniors. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of yoga for seniors.

1. Yoga Helps Seniors with Balance, Agility, and Strength

As one gets older, loss of balance may become a frustrating part of life. Consider the fact that a fall can lead to head injuries which may result in longterm neuro-physical challenges. There are various factors that work against the body’s balance system as we age. The good news is that yoga is a great way to increase activity levels in seniors, which can help tone muscles and ease aching joints, leading to better balance. Certain poses can be selected that are intended to improve balance, while training the body and increasing proprioception.

2.Yoga Improves Flexibility In Seniors

As we get older, joints can become stiff and painful. This greatly affects flexibility in seniors, but yoga is a great activity to help regain flexibility. Yoga lets seniors ward off muscle stiffness and aching joints and helps them remain flexible later on in life.

Flexibility is key to completing day to day activities. For mature adults who attend yoga retreats, they may experience increased movement in their body, including bending and twisting with ease. This helps them maintain independence in their later years, reducing the need for an assisted living facility. Maintaining range of motion is fundamental to completing day to day tasks independently.

3. Yoga Helps with Blood Pressure Management

According to Senior Living Help, high blood pressure is among the leading threats to seniors. There are various causes of high blood pressure, including poor diet, elevated cholesterol levels, and an inactive lifestyle. Several yoga positions help in lowering blood pressure. The good news is that these moves or postures are doable for adults of all ages, including those who are over 70.

Yoga also helps the body to relax, lowers stress levels and increases elasticity of muscles and ligaments. In practicing yoga, high blood pressure can more effectively be managed.

4. Yoga Aids in Lowering Cholesterol

There are various risk factors that lead to high cholesterol, but this can be addressed with some care and discipline. If your doctor says your cholesterol numbers are up, fear not because yoga can help. The result is better heart health, leading to a lower chance of developing coronary artery disease. Hence, seniors who practice various yoga asanas (postures) are likely to live longer and be healthier.

5. Yoga Boosts Self Confidence

Losing mobility and depending on others takes a toll on one’s confidence. This leaves a negative effect on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Thoughtful actions, such as a regular yoga practice can be used to avoid this downward slide. Regular movement, including yoga, establishes a sense of self-efficacy, which helps maintain self-confidence. That freedom of movement and mobility helps continue the feeling of being capable and strong, which helps to maintain a sense of independence.

6. Seniors Who Practice Yoga Breathe Better

Being a crucial body organ, it is important that to take care of the lungs. Studies show that as we age, our lungs become vulnerable to infections, shortness of breath, and low oxygen levels, which can lead to abnormal breathing patterns. Various yoga sequences, such as those that demand aerobic effort contribute to respiratory resilience. Yoga, therefore, can help seniors breathe better while supporting lung function and capacity.

7. Yoga Retreats Act as a Way for Seniors to Unwind

A yoga retreat can be looked at as a vacation with a purpose. The retreats are simply about honoring yourself, giving you more time and opportunity to listen to your own needs. Yoga retreats help you to leave daily life behind and concentrate on yourself. This is an opportunity to step away from stressors and that which drains your emotionally. You will feel refreshed, re-energized, deeply rested, and re-inspired. This is actually the best treatment seniors can give to themselves.

8. Yoga is an Opportunity to Meet Like-Minded Friends

When you choose to go on a yoga retreat, it is a rare opportunity for you to meet other active adults. There are various yoga retreats that are organized specifically for seniors. Mature adults don’t need to feel awkward about going on a yoga retreat and would be wrong to think that yoga retreats are for the younger generation only. At yoga retreats, older adults will meet other adults who share a common interest and passion. This gives seniors an opportunity to connect, build community, share life experiences, enjoy the company of people with similar interests. Yoga retreats open older adults to developing new relationships.

9. Yoga is an Opportunity for Seniors to Learn Something New

There are so many new things to learn when starting a yoga practice. This includes different yoga postures, the facts and history of yoga, and much more. Other yoga studies can include nutrition and ancient wisdom and philosophy.

Interested in joining a yoga retreat for seniors? We hope the above reasons will inspire you to start your search for a yoga retreat for active adults.

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