Guest post on finding a little bit more enjoyment, and therefore success, in exercising.  Now go get moving!

And Make Exercise Fun!

The word ‘exercise’ is enough to make the average person groan! We all know we should be doing more of it but unless you are a fitness freak you’ll know how hard it is to motivate yourself to get off your backside! Life is busy enough as it is without finding the time for a workout. However, the benefits of exercise are mind-blowing. Your body will be far more efficient, your overall wellbeing and health will go through the roof and you will find yourself with far more energy. So, how do we incorporate more exercise into our life without becoming fanatical about it?

The key is to make it fun! Exercise doesn’t have to be dull; you just need to think about creative ways to make it more interesting so you’re more inclined to do it. Here are some great tips on making your workout work for you.


TANGO sexyYou will find that you can run and cycle for a lot longer if you distract your brain with some entertainment. So either load up a personal stereo with some of your favorite (upbeat!) tunes, or download a talking book to get stuck into a novel. Any sort of distraction is great and will mean you can exercise for a lot longer. Gyms have TVs installed these days so never forget your earphones when heading for a workout.

Make it Sociable

Exercising with friends is a great way to keep up motivation. Team games are great for keeping your spirits high – there’s nothing like a potential win to spur you on! A competitive element is excellent for any sport – it takes your mind off the pain if you have a goal in sight! And the celebrations and social elements are great for making new friends too. Running with a friend is a good way of making sure you are both spurred on.

Keep it Varied

Nobody likes doing the same thing over and over again. Combine trips to the gym with other sporting pursuits such as football or squash. There are so many forms of exercise available and they all have their benefits. Of course it doesn’t have to be aerobic either – stretching exercises such as yoga and Pilates are brilliant not only for elongating muscles but also for your mental health.

Incorporate it Into Your Day

Lady Luna

Walking or cycling to work instead of driving or taking a bus is a great way of bringing exercise into your life. It makes far more sense to ‘have somewhere to go’ rather than aimlessly running in a big circle. Whenever you have to go anywhere, ask yourself if you could exercise your way there instead. We are all guilty of laziness, particularly if we have a car – but don’t make this your only form of transport!

We promise that if you make exercise a vital part of your day you will reap so many benefits. The more you do, the better you will feel. The first step is to find ways of exercising that appeal to you and fit in with your lifestyle.

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Luke Cooper is a renowned fitness expert. According to him, the factors to be considered when buying a treadmill vary according to its uses, like weight-loss, walking or running. He spends his free time blogging about the changing trends in the fitness world.