Today’s guest post looks at some at-home equipment for relief from aches and pains, improving flexibility, staying active, and returning to sports quickly after injuries. 

If you’ve sustained a sports injury or even just a mild knock from your activities, painful times may be ahead for you. As well as needing to visit a physiotherapist, you will probably be ordered to stay away from any strenuous activities for the foreseeable future.

There are some ointments and tablets that may well make you feel a little better, but after a while, they don’t seem to have any effect. You may be interested to learn that there are some clever gadgets that may offer relief from those nasty aches and pains. If you want a little more information about these products, take the weight off your feet and read the rest of this article.

Dynaspine Portable Back Support – $130

Our first gadget is aimed at easing those aching backs whilst in a seated position. This unique design is comprised of 2 flexible plates that actually mirror the shape of your back and offer improved support and comfort. You can move fairly freely and rest assured that your back is being looked after.

Many of us sit incorrectly and often get a bad back for our troubles. If you already have some pain in your lumbar region, this gadget will reduce the discomfort considerably. The Dynaspine has a set of air vents that allow a cooling action to prevent stickiness caused by contact. It is light enough to be conveniently portable and can be used in the office, at home, or even when you are driving!

ProStretch Bilateral PT 2for00 – $60


This device is an absolute must for any martial arts fans and/or football/running fanatics out there. As well as offering some fantastic stretching exercise to aid flexibility, the ProStretch will offer some very sound rehabilitation assistance.

You will need to seek some medical advice regarding the use of this equipment after your sporting injury, but undoubtedly, your physiotherapist will be more than happy to give it the green light!

It works by offering a stretching exercise for both legs simultaneously. This device will work for muscle atrophy, lumbar pain, tendonitis and is also suitable for geriatrics. The instructional DVD shows a myriad of suitable exercise for both prevention and rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

Securemax Exercise Balls by Sissel – $30

You must have seen those huge inflatable balls that were all the rage a few years back in the gyms? Well they are still here, and they really do work for many stretching exercises. You simply sit on the orb and get your balance, and then you walk your legs forward until the ball is actually supporting your back nicely. Hang your arms down to the floor and stretch your body out.

This activity has been proven to strengthen your back and will also give you relief from back spasms.  You should find the correct size ball and ideally, have a decent warm up.

All of these offer simple, yet effective ways to ease those aches and pains in the comfort of your own home!

How Are Those Muscles Now?

All 3 of these gadgets have something unique to offer those of us with a few aches and pains. And if you don’t have any issues, you can still use them to stay nice and fit in the future!

Today’s feature writer, Daniel Blank, is a part of Walk ‘N Comfort, a company that offers solutions for hip and joint pain. In his free time, he enjoys writing about his personal and work experiences. Please visit for more tips and information.

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