How much do you observe or participate in your own health?

Do you know when you’re stressed?  Can you feel your shoulders tense up? Your breath get shallow? Your stomach contract?

Do you notice when you’re uneasy or anxious and feel like you’re constantly looking over your shoulder? Do you hold your breath? Do you hunch over protecting yourself?

Do you adjust your vitamins or nutrition based on what’s going on in your body?

Do you give your digestive system a rest when you’re catching a cold or you’ve spent an entire day (or week or month) overeating? (Holidays anyone?)

Do you check your skin for pigmentation, acne, moles, or other signs of changes? Do you ask yourself what the surface level change signifies?

Do you look at your tongue in the morning to check the state of your Qi ,blood, and digestion?

Do you look at your eyes for yellowing, bags, or darkening around the eye area?

Do you adjust your diet based on your weight, constipation, or how full you are?

What if simple self-observation could lead to a little more self-awareness which means you could better understand your body to adjust your diet, habits, and vitamin intake to get sick less often, prevent premature aging, and have overall better health? Do you think that is possible?

What if you learned how to check your tongue, read your face, listen to you body, observe your system function and then make simple, quick changes to avert bigger problems? Would that appeal to you?

Leave a comment below with your reaction.  Already do it? Love it? Hate it? Don’t have time to think about it? Where do you stand on all of this?