I’ve been getting amped for my ayurveda study for almost a year now and in 2 days its going to become reality.

Well, sort of.

I’ve spent the last 6-9months researching ayurveda courses and contacting a few ayurveda training institutes. A couple of them offered me study or study-housing packaged courses for about 4-6weeks. One was located near Delhi (Faridabad) and one in the Indian state of Kerala, which is the home of ayurveda. Details of the two programs are below:


Jiva – Faridabad, India

Duration: One month
Hours per day: 3 hours
This will cost US $1200
Eligibility: No prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.
Course Availability: Any time of the year at the convenience of the student.

We have food and lodging facilities. The room charge for single room is USD 45 (including three meals for one person) for one day. Free internet connection is also available at office premises.

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Institute – Thodupuzha, Kerala
Class hours–
Number of theory hours: 72 hr
Number of practical hours: 108 hours
Includes visit to our medicinal garden and manufacturing unit

For students who are coming to study ayurveda in our institute we are providing non ac accomadation [minimum facility with attached bath room] .

[ 36 days]6 weeks



Having these two options on my plate, I went and asked a number of people, Indians as well as westerners with experience in India, what their advice would be. Everyone told me to go to Kerala.

A French I met at a healer’s house in Bali said he spent about a month in Varkala, a seaside town in Kerala, studying ayurveda and getting treatments. He strongly suggested I go to Varkala, but insisted I don’t book the course ahead of time because the best ayurveda course would not even be listed online, and that it was totally possible to arrange a course after I arrived. I asked some friends with experience in India if it was feasible to just show up and get a course started after I arrived and they all corroborated the possibility.

So with the strong recommendation of the French guy, I’ll be in Varkala (along India’s southern west coast) by Monday evening. No ayurveda course booked. I don’t even have the names of any ayurveda training institutes there. I’m just going to show up, ask around, pound the pavement, and go looking for places that teach ayurveda with at least some degree of rigor and credibility. Oh, and, no long-term accommodation booked, either.

I have to admit, I’m more than just a bit nervous, not only about going to India alone but also the fact that I don’t have a clear idea what I’m doing when I get there. India is intense, its a difficult place for (western) women, many travelers get violently ill, and Indians for the most part will do anything they can to separate you from as much of your money as possible. In my first trip to India, my friend and I were very lucky to not get scammed, cheated, robbed, nor ill, but we were also very conscientious and there were 2 of us together.

So now, I try my luck alone. Next post from Varkala, Kerala, India on Wednesday, October 5th.

Wish me luck!