Having shared the Chinese medicine guide to a healthy autumn and my own tips for staying healthy in the fall, now its time for the seasonal adjustments Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) recommends for autumn.

Ayurveda believes that fall is a time of increasing health and strength. This is the time when Vata calms but Pitta aggravates. Because Pitta tends to be overly forceful during autumn, this is the season recommended for Pitta-dominant persons to undergo cleansing (purgation).

The dietary recommendations Ayurveda offers for fall are:

  • Easily digestible foods and those that are cold, bitter, sweet, and astringent. (Bitter and sweet foods are similarly recommended by TCM in autumn.)
  • Foods prepared of rice, wheat, barley, green gram, sugar, Indian gooseberry (Amalaki), honey, grapes, and low fat meat.
  • Avoid eating yogurt (or fermented dairy), sesame oil, animal fat, strong liquors, and just eating too much.

The lifestyle adjustments Ayurveda suggests are:

  • Spend evenings outdoors in the open air. (Similarly both TCM and myself recommend spending more time outdoors.)
  • Apply cooling pastes such as sandalwood or wear pearls.
  • Engage and chat with friends. (Also suggested by TCM.)
  • Avoid sleeping during the daytime.
  • Avoid exposure to snow and direct wind.

While this advice is written for an Indian audience living in the climate of the Indian subcontinent, I think, in general, it can be good advice and even universally applicable for autumn.

What do you think? Do you make adjustments to routines, meals, or habits with the changing seasons? Do you think it supports your health?