For a few months already I’ve been researching different Ayurveda programs all over India.  There are plenty offered for all different time lengths and prices, so it is hard to tell which are good.  Some are probably just money making schemes where you don’t actually get much out of it.  Others seem to be very intensive and some more hands on.

I’m interested in an 8 week (~2 month) course from June 1 to the end of July.  I want something that will help to round out and balance my TCM studies (theory, diagnostics, massage, and herbals); I’m looking for a solid introduction and then complementary topics covered in the Ayurveda courses. Here are a few of the ones I’ve run across that look decent:

AyurvedaRecently, a family friend also recommended Jiva Ayurveda to me, which offers both online courses and on-campus programs.  While it looks good, there are so many different confusing options and matching dates, I think I’ll need more direction on what would work for me.

If anyone has any experience with any of these, or any others, please let me know what you reccommend in the comments below.  I have no idea which is the best and which to choose.