Have you had a bad experience with a weight loss or slimming tea?  Does even the thought of it make you look for your nearest bathroom?

That’s the type of reaction I get from a lot of people when I begin introducing Belight Tea.  They look at me, their eyes narrow, they fall back a bit, and say something like “Oh, it’s one of those.

Well I’m here to tell you, Belight is not one of those.  Belight is different, and that’s what makes it unique, sophisticated, premium, and better.

Those teas are usually made with Senna leaf or some other harsh laxative. Laxatives do exactly what they’re supposed to: flush the intestines out so the drinker is running to the bathroom. Then the person becomes dehydrated, nutrient deficient (because of lack of absorption), and oftentimes even hungrier.

Well, isn’t that just swell.  :-{

The function of senna leaf is so dangerous the FDA actually requires a warning on such food/drink products!

No wonder people have such dramatic reactions.

Now, let me make a few distinctions.

Belight is NOT a weight loss tea.

Belight does NOT contain senna leaf.

Belight is made with real tea: Pu-erh (Pu’er) Tea, plus Chinese medicine herbs.

Belight works on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and that understanding of herbs.  Modern scientific research, anecdotal evidence, and thousands of years of patient experience in TCM show us the effectiveness of tea and these herbs.

Pu-erh tea and the herbs work in complex and intricate ways (just as your own body does).  We will explore Pu-erh and each of the herbs individually on this blog in the future, but if you want a sneak preview, check out our Pinterest Board.

Until we get through all of that, you’ll just have to do a little testing for yourself.  Buy a box and get started right away.

Still don’t believe us that Belight can help you control your weight and resist cravings while being kind to your digestive system, and taste good?  We’ll prove it to you!

Email us your name and complete mailing address (US only) at the email listed at bottom of the screen and we’ll send you a sample for FREE.  That’s right–not a single penny outta your wallet. Can’t beat that, right?!?