There was a young Balinese couple already married for 3 years, and over the couse of those years they became more and more desperate to get pregnant. They went to see the top doctors in Bali, those specializing in fertility, allopathic medicine, and associated with the university. The doctors did tests and prescribed them fertility drugs and tried everything they could to help the young couple get pregnant. Eventually the doctors concluded the only thing left to recommend was the tube, i.e. in-vitro fertilization.

The brother of the couple, knowing of their plight, said to them, “are we not Balinese?” And with that the couple knew what they had to do.

They researched until they found the best traditional Balinese healer specializing in fertility and pregnancy. On their first visit, upon simply looking at the woman, the healer said, “you will have a son.”

For their second visit, the healer requested they bring all of their fertility drugs. Then the healer, knowing nothing of western pharmacology, sorted out all of the drugs into the keep pile and the DON’T take pile. In the continue taking pile only the standard vitamins remained, while all the medications were thrown out. And then he asked the couple, “are you willing to give me 7 months before you go back to the other doctors?” The couple enthusiastically said yes.

Then the healer performed a small ceremony and gave an offering. Next he prepared herbal tonics for both the husband and the wife to take at home. The couple each finished their herbal tonics in 4 days and went back to the healer for another tonic. Every 4 days or so the couple had finished their herbal tonics and returned to the healer for another dose. They continued visiting the healer twice weekly for herbal tonic drinks.

After only 1.5 months, she was pregnant!

And to help the wife maintain the pregnancy, the healer prescribed her a new tonic.

And 9 months later a healthy baby boy was born.

While this story may seem incredible, it happened in our lifetime. The brother was actually the storyteller who related it to me.

And with that I will simply pique your interest in Balinese Healing.