Paleo eatingWhen I was preparing for a Paleo potluck, my grandma says to me, “how can you go to a potluck for dieters? What will you eat?” Then, when I returned and reported to her all the scrumptious food we had, she said, “oh, that sounds good!”

Many people still look at the Paleo / Primal movement as a diet and think its not possible to eat well on the Paleo ‘diet.’

Well, after making a few paleo recipes for her, she’s beginning to see there is so much wonderful tastiness even for a Paleo ‘dieter.’

Notice that I keep writing ‘diet’ in quotes, as Paleo / Primal is not really a diet; it is a movement, a way of life, and a total eating style that does not restrict portion sizes or force someone to count calories (nor, even in most cases, carbohydrates).  It just suggests that we eat as close as possible to how our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, including the following:

  • Meat, seafood, and eggs, all preferably grass-fed, free-range, wild caught, and free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Fresh veggies
  • Some fruits, preferably berries
  • Appropriate quantities of seeds and nuts
  • All kinds of spices
  • Healthy fats: coconut, avocado, olive oil, lard
  • Limited amounts of starchy foods such as sweet potatoes, jicama, etc
  • Only natural sweeteners (agave, honey, molasses)
  • Very limited non-cow dairy

While avoiding:

  • Processed, refined, packaged foods
  • Sugars, corn syrup and artificial sweeteners
  • All grains, even rice
  • All legumes, even peanuts
  • Soy, corn, and other GMO foods
  • Preservatives, additives, colorings, artificial flavorings, etc
  • Fake foods, franken foods, transfats, margerine
  • Anything with gluten
  • Dairy or anything with lactose or casein, depending on sensitivities

Refusing to eat genetically-modified organisms, gluten, high carb foods, etc are fundamental to preventing obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s  IBS, Crohns, allergies; not to mention the other symptoms associated with the toxins in Roundup-Ready GMO foods!

Admittedly, eating Paleo definitely requires a serious commitment and transition period, but once there, it is incredibly satisfying and yummy. And, of course, healthy! Plus, there’s is a community of like-minded, health-conscious people with a similar eating style to share and connect with.

Please leave a comment below if you’re part of the Paleo crowd or are interested in the Paleo/Primal movement. And next week, I’ll share some of the most requested and loved Paleo recipes.