One of the many benefits of Belight is its convenience: I took it everywhere on my recent trip. With each bag individually wrapped, it was easy to pull some out of the box, shove them in my bag and enjoy Belight wherever I went traveling.

I enjoyed a healthy cup: feeling a little less guilty for all the culinary indulgences and reveling in the clean feeling of drinking Belight.  It helped perk up my metabolism in the morning and calm my digestion after the heavy meat and cream meals common to Europe.

Check out some of the places I savored Belight:

British Airways flight to London


Somerset House, London, where I introduced Belight to an entrepreneur friend


Sleek modern apartment in Manchester, England, where I showed Belight to a friend instrumental in Belight’s development


By the seaside in Malta


After getting all squeaky clean at a Hammam in Tunisia



Where have you enjoyed Belight?  Have you had a cup in any unique places?  Post the pictures to Instagram (send us the link) or to our Facebook page and we’ll send a free box to the most interesting image.