This is a guest post that advocates for warming drinks on cold winter days.

As winter looms ever closer, the days draw in and the temperature drops. But with the darker and colder days come things we can look forward to – like cosy warm drinks with friends.   There is a huge variety of beverages that can be enjoyed warm, but despite the diversity in choice – they all share a few similar benefits…

Stress Relief

With the season changing from the temperate chill of autumn to the icy cold of winter, our body craves warmth – something we can achieve through consuming hot drinks, or even wrapping our cold hands around a warm mug. The alleged benefits of a hot drink are both psychological and physical. Relaxing with a hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in your hands allows you a few relaxing, and more importantly, warming minutes to enjoy. This can be a great way to relieve stress at work and make you more focused of your daily tasks.


The world we live in isn’t a healthy one. With heavy air pollution our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins that aren’t natural or beneficial to us. Foods and drinks that contain antioxidants are just one of the ways we can potentially combat this – with tea, coffee and vegetable soups among some of the hot drinks that are a source of antioxidants. This is especially important during the winter months when viruses and bacteria are quickly spread.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Weight-watchers have an ally in hot drinks. It is a great way to prevent yourself from eating out of schedule because drinking hot beverages give off a signal that you are already full. Of course those who are watching their weight must choose their hot drink wisely –  taking consideration of the sugar content of the drink, for example. A dieter’s best friend would be coffee or tea for their low calorie contents.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Giving in to the call of a hot drink is the perfect answer to a bitter cold day. That is why a nice warm cup of cocoa is a must. The good thing about a chocolate drink, especially the darker variety, is that it helps lower blood pressure. It can also help reduce swelling and is said to even lower the chances of heart disease.

Source of Calcium

Calcium is a bone building chemical. Drinking hot milk not only warms us on a cold winter day it helps boost the calcium within our body too. Adults still need calcium just like when we were children to maintain bone density, keep teeth strong and ensure our kidneys, heart, nerves and muscles function correctly.

With a hot drink in your hand on a cold day you can certainly welcome winter with a smile…

Richard Woods is a writer for KLIX, the vending machine division of Mars Inc.