herbsRight now detox teas, commonly called “teatox” are super popular.  But the strange thing is, most of them don’t contain any actual tea!  You can read my review of the various teatoxes here, and you’ll see most of them are just herbal infusions, lacking any Camellia sinensis at all.

Well, that got me thinking, do those herbal teatox infusions actually provide a safe, yet nourishing detox, and if not, what would a safe, effective, nourishing cleanse drink contain?

The simple answer, as you saw in the comparison post, is NO, most of them are not safe, nor nourishing, and the only cleansing they do is via the effect of senna, a harsh laxative.

So drawing on my herbal knowledge, my understanding of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, and my readings of modern medical science and herbal pharmacopoeia research, I thought about what I’d want in my ideal detox drink…

I’d want milk thistle and licorice for the liver, perhaps some burdock or yellow dock, something rich in anti-oxidants, adaptogens for balance and harmony, a safe herb that gently aids release of wastes from the colon, an anti-inflammatory such as turmeric, and something soothing to the stomach to relieve bloating and indigestion like fennel or peppermint.

Well, what do you know?!

Such a perfect detox drink does exist, and it has been sitting in front of me the whole time; it’s called “Clean.”

Product-CBS-CleanClean is a actually a powder–the herbs are all powdered and they dissolve in water–making it even easier to prepare and drink than tea or an infusion. Hot or cold water or juice can be used, and voila! Drink!

So what herbs does Clean contain?

  • Aronia Fruit – super high in antioixdants (like tea or blueberries)
  • Aloe Vera – a traditional healing plant used for digestion and constipation
  • Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, & Rhodiola – Adaptogens that helps to restore balance and reduce the harmful effects of stress
  • Burdoct & Yellow Dock – Purify the kidneys, blood, and urinary tract, reduce acne, detox the liver and stimulate bile production
  • Fennel Seed & Peppermint – Reduce bloating, relieve indigestion, and increase bile production
  • Licorice & Milk Thistle – to nourish and strengthen the liver
  • Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, liver protectant, and digestive aid.

Clean also contains alfalfa grass, enzymes for added digestive benefit and reducing inflammation, artichoke leaf extract, pau d’arco, suma root, stevia, sweetener and citric acid.

Notice, there is no senna! So yes, it is possible to make an effective detox drink without senna.

Overall, a very well-rounded product that provides a very satisfying result, making it perhaps the best detox drink!

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