As you may have realized, I’m a big fan of cleanses and detoxes; in fact, I’ve been to holistic retreats for cleanse/detox a couple of times. But today, we have a guest author’s perspective on such detox retreats in the UK.

Could a detox retreat cure your tiredness?

Tiredness or fatigue affects every phase of our lives. Our daytime hours can be weighed down with the desire to take a nap. Fatigue robs us of ambition and contributes to depression. It is also a vile thief of the hours that are supposed to allow us to rest, keeping us from drifting off into deep restful sleep. People who suffer from tiredness often find themselves feeling energetic in the evening hours, mistakenly interpreting this as proof that they are “night owls”. However, all of this can be remedied with a detox retreat.


Toxins build up in your body, generated from just about every source: the environment, food, air, stress, over-exercise, illness, medication. Your body, normally a smoothly running, well-balanced machine that can balance its own mechanisms with proper input, can become overwhelmed in trying to cleanse all of the toxins from such a wide variety of sources. This can result in moodiness, problems remembering things, a mental fog, extreme temperature sensitivity, and cravings for particular foods, such as sugar or salt. There are other side effects of toxin build up, such as weak muscles, depression, and sexual dysfunction.

Detox Retreat

While there are a number of detox diets that are very popular these days, there is nothing like a detox retreat to get you back on your feet. Detoxifying your body can be tiring and inconvenient. You need balanced vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, which is often hard to find in some of the popular methods being used today. Plus, keep in mind that you are still in the environment that contributed to your toxic state in the first place. Stress at work, air and environmental pollution, poor sleep habits at home, and taking care of sick family members can all add to the toxicity of your body. If you are on maintenance medications, these, too, can have toxic side effects.

With a weekend, week, or month set aside as a retreat, you can gently detoxify your body and have time to rebuild it. Taking a retreat gives you a chance to take care of yourself and rest, while at the same time removing poisons from your body that keep it from eliminating waste and absorbing nutrients.

The carefully crafted diet at your “camp” will be designed to suit your particular needs and fit with your medications. Many times, your medication may not be working properly because you have inadvertently been consuming foods that counteract the medicine. At camp, the balance between cleansing and refueling your body will restore proper functioning of your liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, and your entire digestive tract. In addition, you’ll find that your tiredness begins to dissipate, replaced with a sense of well-being that gradually morphs into true energy.

A detox retreat does more than detoxify your body. It gives your body a chance to recover from having been poisoned with toxins, and start to function correctly.

About the Author

Laura Green loves helping those who feel lethargic and out of shape. When she isn’t spending her time working at her detox UK retreat you can usually find her at home writing her next article on health or dieting.

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