There was a beautiful girl (though she didn’t believe it so), and everyday she would push herself to exercise harder and harder, working out for 1-2 hours per day.

She did this for days and even weeks on end, trying to look thinner and be more attractive.

Until, one day, she just couldn’t get out of bed anymore. She was exhausted, weak, and drained of all her energy and willpower.

This story and others like it are not all uncommon…

Instead of exercise, some people go for laxatives to try to look thinner and lose weight, others might put themselves on a deprivation diet, or try endless detoxes or slimming pills. But the problem is, none of them equate to health. All are merely for the sake of trying to drop some weight quick, or to have a (usually unrealistic) body seen in a magazine, or simply said, for vanity.

None of them actually promote health.

And that’s why one of the main tenets in our Manifesto is Emphasize health before vanity and you’ll come to look and feel the way you want.

Health matters far more than a few pounds here or there, especially in the long run. Because, frankly, no one looks good lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines, no matter how thin or fit they are.

If your workout or diet or some laxatives makes you so weak and fatigued, you can’t stand up straight, you’re not going to be very attractive. And you’re definitely not going to feel good about your body or how you look.

Some of the above examples are certainly among the extreme, but we see this in other, more mild situations, too: CrossFit 6 days per week leading to adrenal imbalances, or restricting carbs so severely that the thyroid becomes sluggish, or using crazy potions on our skin that actually increase the risk of cancer (hydroquinone, I’m looking at you).

This is not to say I haven’t done my fair share of vanity-driven activities, but over the years, I’ve learned there’s a better way.

And I want this to be a new approach for everyone to embrace collectively: to emphasize health first, and to do the things that make and keep you healthy. To trust that by bringing your body into better balance, you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll look better too.

(This isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t value your appearance or put effort into how you look, but rather to say health should be the first priority.)

How Health Helps You Look Better

When it comes to exercise, rest and recovery are just as important as working out: that’s when your muscles repair, rebuild, and get stronger; that’s what keeps your thyroid and adrenals replenished and functioning optimally. When it comes to laxatives, detoxes, and slimming pills, you need to stop messing with your metabolism, digestion, and peristalsis (colon function).

When you’re healthy, your skin is better, you can build muscle more efficiently, and your digestion flows easier, preventing bloating and keeping your belly flat. When you’re thyroid is functioning optimally, it’s easier to reach a healthy weight and you have more energy. When you support your adrenal health, you have energy and mental clarity to make gains in the gym, in your professional life, and your personal life. And when you’re excelling in all these areas, your confidence naturally grows, and confident people are generally regarded as more attractive.

It’s time to help the body heal, to allow it to reset and rebalance, to find that glowing health within you, to nurture and love your body, to work with it and for it, to discover your own innate health. Doing so will help you to feel better–more energized, clear-headed, and confident–and it’ll help you rediscover the magnificent piece of work your body is and all it does for you day in and day out, supporting you in living this brilliant life of yours.

Are you ready to put your health first and trust that with greater health, you’ll come to look and feel the way you want?  <– Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Emphasize health before vanity