Today is a guest post offering a broad overview of the concept that I largely promote on this blog: using complementary and alternative treatments for treating disease, when prevention, nutrition, herbs and supplements are too little or too late.

Yoga_RelaxationComplementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) can be defined as a group of varied medical and health care systems that make use of products and practices not typically followed in the allopathic or conventional medicine system. The frequent side effects from  conventional medicine has pushed people to other treatments like Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Yoga, Tai Chi and many more. CAM is either used in combination with conventional medicine or substituted as an alternative. There is a growing percentage of the population which is embracing CAM for better health and well being.

As all are aware, conventional or western medicine has its own side effects. For e.g. those who undergo chemotherapy to cure cancer, consequences include hair loss and extreme fatigue combined plus nausea. People resort to CAM to avoid the debilitating side effects. The popularity of CAM has resulted in its wide acceptance by allopathic medical practitioners who are combining CAM therapy along with the conventional system to ensure that patients are easily cured with minimum side effects.

CAM and Psychotherapy

Normal treatment for such mentally stressed patients involves sedation or use of antidepressants. CAM practices healthier methods such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi and hypnotherapy to improve the mental well being. Meditation techniques involve attention and deep breathing exercises which aid in calming the mind and improving the psychological well being of a person. Yoga, with its various specific postures relaxes your body and mind and unifies the spirit, mind and body enabling you to treat all illnesses by achieving harmony of the mind and body. The concerted cooperation of the mind and the body is sought to cure the illness.

CAM and Orthopedics

The hectic lifestyle and sedentary jobs have resulted in a majority of the population suffering from back pains, particularly lower back pain. The normal course would be to subsist on painkillers, but for how long? CAM uses spinal manipulation technique to cure you of the back pain. By applying calculated force on the spinal joint, the functioning of the impaired joint is set right and pain is relieved.

CAM and Oncology

Cancer is one of the main causes of the numerous deaths in this century. There are various forms of cancer, some of which can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. Till date no proven records exist to vouch that CAM can cure cancer, but it can largely help to mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment. Treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy have many side effects. Surgery involves removal of the cancerous organ. CAM has provided relief in such cases through acupuncture and massage for pain relief, yoga for general well being, use of ginger to combat nausea and use of other herbs or supplements

CAM and Pediatrics

Of increasingly concern is the outrageous amount of antibiotics ingested by children, and their effects, namely upset stomach, loss of appetite, drowsiness and mouth ulcers. Loading children with antibiotics decreases the inherent responsiveness of their immune systems. For recurring and common ailments like cold, fever and skin rashes, CAM is a good alternative. Herbal teas are a good remedy for cold. You can use probiotics to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

The popularity of CAM is growing and it would be wise to have an integrated approach and find a cure that is safe.

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