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How to develop a home fitness workout

Fitness workout from home has become quite useful these days as most people do not have time to spare at gyms. Working out in the gyms is time consuming, and hence individuals fail to cope up with it due to hectic work timings. The advantage of working out from home is that it certainly saves your time as you don’t have to travel long distances, and also keeps your body fit and healthy. To develop a home fitness workout, you can follow the tips as given below.

  1. Cardio Training

If you are mainly aiming at building muscles, you may feel that you won’t need to do much of cardio training. But, if you include cardio in your fitness program, it helps in proper partitioning of nutrients, and it will be driven towards muscle cells instead of fat cells.

Some effective options to perform cardio at home include:

  1. Using stairs to run up and down
  2. Jumping ropes
  3. >Step up on step, or oversize box

These activities can be best performed as interval training workouts, which is appropriate for home workouts. They can be performed quickly, and helps to burn fat quite effectively.

  1. Strength Training

The next option to consider is strength training workouts from home. Ideally individuals must purchase a barbell with weighted plates and a set of dumbbells, as it helps to perform several free weight workouts you would perform in the gym such as lunges, shoulder presses, rows, deadlifts, triceps movements, bicep curls, and so on. Well if you do not have provisions to perform these workouts at home then it’s time to utilize your creativity skills.

Body Weight Squats: Begin by doing body weight squats for 25 sets. Ensure that you go as low to the floor as possible. Thereafter, move towards the wall to perform a wall squat pausing for one minute.

Pushups through an Exercise Ball: If you want to make the regular pushups more intense, you can do so by placing your hands on an exercise ball, and perform pushups in that position. In addition, you can obtain benefits of working your core muscles dramatically, and make it the best workout for your upper body.

Jump Lunges: In order to work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, perform a sequence of jump lunges. You can repeat until you complete 10 to 15 reps per set.

Pull Ups: To work your lower back area, look for a strong bar in and around your house. Hang it off to perform a set of effective pull ups. If you don’t find a bar then make use of a sturdy broomstick, or a pole across two surfaces such as boxes or chairs and lie down underneath and follow the action of pull up.

The most important point to be borne in mind when you perform these workouts at home is to follow the warm up and cool down sessions before and after workout. Well, if you have dedication and consistency, you can perform these workouts at least thrice a week to maintain, and improve your fitness level within the comfort of your home.

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