If you’ve read this blog before or heard the BeLight Tea story, then you may remember my ‘bad habit’ from years ago: responding to the afternoon slump by snacking on sweet stuff (in order to boost energy and relieve boredom).

Now, I thought that years ago I’d not only kicked my afternoon slump to the curb, but also sent packing my inclination to use sugar to boost my mood and energy.

Then I read this from Coach.me founder Tony Stubblebine,

“In the brain science of habit cessation (that’s the phrase for breaking habits), the neural pathways for your bad habit don’t ever truly disappear. They weaken over time, but they’ll always be there.”

And it was a slap in the face!

Like someone throwing cold water on my ego.

Do you know why?

Because those afternoons lulls had started haunting me again, and I found myself wandering to the chocolate stash.

I couldn’t believe it.

Darn those neural pathways of bad habits for not disappearing. (shakes fist in annoyance)

So I kept reading the article…

“Replacement habits are one of the standard strategies for breaking habits. Instead of willing yourself not to do something, you train yourself to do an alternative innocuous task. […] That’s what makes replacement habits so important. Since you can’t truly break the neural pathways for your bad habit, your best bet is to create new pathways that are stronger than the old ones.”

That’s when the light bulb turned on.

I hadn’t been thinking about drinking BeLight Tea in the afternoon (as I was trying to limit my caffeine consumption to only the morning).

I was trying to get through the afternoon with water–warm water, hot water, water with lemon, whatever… But just water.

And, that’s why the chocolate always found a way into my belly.

Well, that settled that for me–back to drinking BeLight in the afternoons.

If you’re looking for a replacement habit for snacking, sugar cravings, or a coffee addiction, check out BeLight and our other teas.