Can eating dairy products actually make you bruise easier and the bruises last longer?

This was an idea I first heard about in Bali from an expert on healers, herbs, and culture.  As he was explaining which plants are good for lactose intolerance, he also mentioned that dairy increases susceptibility to bruising.

Once I started thinking about it, and looking at my own self, I began to believe its true.  During my time in China, a country with almost no dairy products (I only ate yogurt and ice cream slightly more than occasionally), I almost never had black and blue marks, and if I did, they were gone within 2 days. On the other hand, when I’ve eaten a lot of dairy, including cheese, cheesecake, yogurt, creamy sauces/dressings, then I have quite a few bruises and they may last more than a week.

And in India where Ayurveda uses milk, buttermilk, and ghee for both internal and external use, and the diet consists of chai (milk tea), paneer, milk puddings, curd lassis, and ghee- or milk-based curries, I had bruises just from pressure-point massages that lasted 1-2 weeks.

While this link isn’t widely discussed, from my own anecdotal research I say there is a definitely a cause and effect relationship (at least for me) between consumption of dairy and black and blue marks.  Yet another reason not to drink milk.

Have you had this experience? Do you find for your own self with more bruises as consumption of milk products increases?


Personal Update:

I’ve had a few more rest days, besides quite a bit of walking and stairs yesterday. And its been 3 days since my last Ayurveda treatment for my knee and ankles.  On Saturday, I bought knee and ankle braces. My knee seems to be holding steady or improving, and I feel more comfortable with the knee brace.  Strangely, wearing the ankle braces actually seemed to make my ankles hurt more. Overnight, even after all of yesterday’s walking, the swelling in my ankles subsided significantly–the first marked improvement in my ankles since the swelling and pain started. It seems they respond better to cold air than to heat.

As for Tracy Anderson cardio, mat, or dance, I’ve followed nada since the last update.