This is Part 1. Next week Part 2, on making ‘healthy’ fast and fit into your busy life, will follow.

Apparently some of the health / fitness / wellness bloggers and gurus on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, etc make living a healthy lifestyle seem like a full-time job. Myself included.

People have told me that being healthy must be very time consuming and must require lots of preparing. They insist that healthy people must be very strict, super organized, and incredibly disciplined all.the.time.

My job dropped when I heard this. And then I sort of laughed to myself.

We (the health / fitness / wellness leaders on the internet) try very intently to make being healthy look easy, and yet, it seems we’ve done the exact opposite.

So I tried to figure this out. And I came up with 3 possible explanations.

1. We’re showcasing multiple ways, tools, and ideas to be healthy every single day, not because we think everyone needs to follow all of them. But, rather, because we know everyone needs something different and at different times in their lives. Therefore, by showing a variety of approaches to being healthy, we’re hoping everyone in our tribe will be able to find something that works for them and that they can stick with. If someone picks up from me just 1 or 2 healthy lifestyle ideas and runs with them, I’m thrilled!

2. We only show off on our blogs and social media our healthy pursuits. Because we are health / fitness bloggers, we’re not going to be taking picture of getting drunk on Saturday night, missing our workout on Sunday, or eating 3 slices of (gluten-free) cake at our friend’s birthday. We’re normal people just like you–we trip up, fall off the health wagon, indulge and have seriously unhealthy periods–but our goal is to show ways anyone can recover and get back on the health train. Because… see #1.

3. Finally, it’s you, not us. Those of you saying it’s too hard, overwhelming, and time consuming to be healthy are just making excuses. This is you either being lazy or not prioritizing your health. And while it sounds like we could do more to make healthy quick, easy, and accessible for you, you have to make the decision that health is important, that it is a priority in your life, and it’s worth spending some time and effort on. And in my mind, it’s really that decision and (re)commitment that’s the struggle, because honestly with how much we’re surrounded by temptations, that decision and commitment needs to be reestablished everyday and frequently multiple times per day.

So, is ‘Healthy’ Time-Consuming and Overwhelming?

It doesn’t need to

There are a lot of things that can be done in less than 15 minutes: a challenging workout, healthy meal prep, and activities to relieve stress. There are also a number of things that can be done in just 3-5 minutes: prioritizing sleep, replacing junk food with a cup of tea, de-stressing, and having enough calorie-free drinks handy to stay hydrated and satiated. These are just a few of the ideas and examples we’re going to cover next week. There are plenty more ways to add tidbits of ‘healthy’ to your life and to remove foods, people, habits, or thoughts that aren’t serving your health. And for some people whose lives are already full, subtracting may be easier than adding in.

When healthy really starts to become familiar and the effects of your efforts are compounded is when healthy actions become healthy habits and the healthy decision is your automatic response.

Therefore, the challenge isn’t finding the time or the organizational skills to be healthy. The challenge is day-in and day-out making the decision to prioritize health and doing that long enough and consistent enough until it becomes a matter of routine and habit.

Is that hard?

Maybe, but hard is a matter of perspective and priorities.

Is it overwhelming?

It absolutely does not need to be.

Is it time-consuming?

These decisions themselves are not time-intensive because most of us already know what we should be doing; it’s just a matter of doing it.

When health matters to you, you’ll make it a priority. When you make it a priority, the decisions and the actions become easier.

And whether you’re there yet or not, check back here next week as we share tips, tricks, and quick-tools that will help anyone bring ‘healthy’ into their life in 15 minutes or less.


Comment: Do you feel that being healthy is hard and overwhelming? Have you found anything to make it easier for you?

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