Aromatherapy massage is a unique technique that combines the dual action of the massage and the therapeutic response triggered by the scents and aromas. While massage and aromatherapy are two very proficient relaxation methods, which are effective when used individually, the combination creates a synergy that enhances the curative effect.

In short, while the massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body for relaxation purposes, the essential oils activate the limbic system. The limbic system is the one responsible for emotions, controlling the nervous system and the hormone levels and it can be stimulated by your sense of smell.

The direct consequences of stimulating the limbic system via pleasant aromas include regulating the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. Therefore, as the circulatory and respiratory systems function at optimal capacity, the person receiving the aromatherapy massage will feel more relaxed, relieved of stress and lighter due to improved digestion. It is necessary to point out the fact that the effects resulted from this massage will depend on the essential oils used. For instance, while certain essential oils, like rosemary for example, are known to have energizing properties, others such as lavender, chamomile or geranium, have calming abilities.

Decongestion, uplifting and cleansing are another set of effects that can be obtained via this relaxation technique. Therefore, most people who spend a few days at spas state that their stay helped them ameliorate conditions that are closely linked to excessive stress levels and negative emotions.

The typical conditions that can be cured with aromatherapy massage include sleep (or rather the lack thereof) related problems such as insomnia, headaches, back pains, digestive disorders and the premenstrual syndrome. However, it is noteworthy that the technique does not only address the aforementioned conditions. In fact, it has an overall positive effect on the entire body, physically and mentally, and it boosts the immune system as well.

The principles that reside behind the effectiveness of the aromatherapy massage are actually very simple to grasp. As the technique implies stimulating the olfactory sense primarily, the aromas inhaled will trigger positive emotional connections to the limbic system. From this perspective, it is similar to how the smell of pine or lemon evokes cleaning products and images of a spotless home, bed sheets, carpets, drapes and so on. In addition to inhaling the enjoyable aromas, the essential oils are also absorbed by the skin and directed into the bloodstream resulting in an utter sensation of relaxation and pleasure.

However, if you want to experience the entirety of aforementioned sensations, the best place to achieve such results may only be at a spa resort. For starters, spas should have pure essential oils and not diluted solutions. While some of the essential oils that you purchase from stores or on the internet smell very good, some of them lack the basic therapeutic property. A further reason why you should consider going to a spa for an aromatherapy massage is that the personnel there will select the essential oils according to your needs and will focus on body areas known to alleviate your condition. Get relaxed and rejuvenated, folks!

Guest author Shikha Chawla has recently been to a spa in mumbai and would like to share her experience of taking this breathtaking Ayurvedic massage in mumbai on her blog.