Part of my Ayurveda training here in India has included beauty classes and treatments. And in these classes, the beauty instructor demonstrates using common household products–stuff that are probably in your refrigerator.

Why go to a spa and spend $100 to have chemicals put on your hair? Or harsh abrasives used on your face? Sure, its nice to be pampered, but wouldn’t natural products, good enough to eat be a better choice? And easier on the wallet. So schedule a Friday night in with the girls (or your gay best friend), and go raid the fridge for these at-home, all-natural beauty treatments.

Wrinkle-Erasing Facial


Cleanser: Mix milk with fresh lime juice.

Massage ointment: Strip the inside of a fresh aloe vera leaf. To this soft gooey aloe, add 1 tsp almond oil and some honey.

Mask: Blend cooked potato and fresh tomato (skin removed) in a blender. Afterward, stir in egg white. Store in fridge for 15-20min.


Cleanse using milk-lime. Rinse. Next do a very gentle massage all over the face for 20-30min. Clean off the massage cream. Apply thick mask over a paper facial cloth (featured image), and allow it to penetrate for about a half hour.


Pigmentation Facial

If you have age spots, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, or any other darkening of the skin due to age, sun exposure, or hormones, repeat this facial once to twice per week.


Clean the face.  You can use water or milk-lime as above, but rinse that off with water too, before applying the scrub.

Prepare the scrub by first grinding uncooked rice into a powder.  Then mix with sugar and papaya pulp.  Scrub the whole face, giving special emphasis to pigmented areas. Let sit about 10-15minutes.

Mix red sandalwood powder with the herb known as manjista and moisten with rose water.  Apply only to pigmented areas. Leave for about 45minutes. (The ingredients for the mask may be hard to come by, so feel free to substitute your own recipe.)


Hair Protein Treatment

This treatment softens & strengthens hair and is good to prevent split ends.


1 egg white
2 Tbs milk
1 tsp olive oil
1 Tbs Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry) powder

If your hair is dry, use more milk & olive oil. If you don’t have Amalaki powder, don’t worry about it.  But if you do, it’s good for hair growth.

Prepare mixture. Perform a light head massage for 5 minutes. Then apply the mixture aiming at the scalp level.  Once the mixture is thoroughly applied, pin the hair up and let is absorb for about 45minutes to 1hour.

After the hour, steam the hair for 5minutes.  For at home steaming, boil water, then dip a towel in the hot water. Ring it out (be careful of your hands!) and wrap it around the head.

You can shampoo using juice of hibiscus flower & leaves (strained with a cloth) mixed with green gram powder. Or substitute any all-natural, non-drying shampoo.


I’ve tried all of these treatments and while I felt a bit strange putting things good enough to eat on my face or hair, they work. And are totally refreshing and nourishing.  Doesn’t your skin deserve some healthy TLC as well?