A quick look at 5 important Chinese herbs, this functions, and why you should care in today’s guest post.

As more individuals grow tired of the side effects involved with taking conventional prescription medications, and even over-the-counter medications, for a variety of acute and chronic ailments, they’re turning to natural healing modalities, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to get the relief and cures that they’ve been searching for.

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes a variety of herbs that are completely natural and that often don’t cause any side effects. They can be surprisingly potent and heal your ailments quickly, and they can also work with your body, rather than against it, over longer periods of time in order to bring about relief for chronic conditions. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning about five of the many Chinese herbal remedies available that have become very popular as a result of their effectiveness.


Liquorice may be known commonly for its sweet taste as a candy, but in Chinese medicine, it’s utilized as a potent herb that heals the body. It’s often found in herbal combinations in order to ensure that all of the herbs will work together harmoniously and that potential side effects can be subdued.

Liquorice can also be used to invigorate the body, thanks to its cooling effects and its ability to detoxify the body.

Rhubarb Root

Rhubarb is often recommended for those suffering with digestive problems, particularly constipation. It allows the body to effectively purge the toxins and wastes that have built up in the digestive tract so that the immune system can improve and energy levels can increase.


Astragalus is an herb that has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years, but Westerners are finally catching onto its effectiveness, too.

It can be used to boost the immune system in those who have a compromised system or for those who need increased vigour throughout the body. But, in addition to boosting the immune system, astragalus is also recommended for anaemia, lack of energy, and weak lungs that cause shortness of breath.


Yet another popular Chinese herbal remedy is ephedra, which has been used for thousands of years as well. It is great for the cardiovascular system, and it can also fight asthma. It can stimulate tissues and muscles so that they function more optimally, and it also stimulates certain glands. It should be used properly, as misuse of the herb for weight loss purposes has given it a bad reputation.

Gingko Biloba

Another ancient healing herb used by Chinese healers is gingko biloba. It is often used to treat ailments of the lungs, such as asthma, coughing, and inflammation, as well as conditions affecting the cardiovascular system. The herb is also used to keep the brain working optimally as a person ages.


There are a variety of potent herbs that are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you’re interested in utilizing these herbs for any type of health condition, work with an experienced herbalist who can recommend the right remedies in the right doses to eliminate the risk of side effects.

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