Belight Tea ~ natural tea blend ~ is Finally Available!

Do Something Good for Yourself
This sophisticated digestive tea combines the rich earthy aroma of Pu-erh tea with fruits, seeds, and leaves to produce a remarkably complex flavor. You’ll love how drinking BELIGHT tea makes you feel.

Yes, a year-and-a-half of development went into creating Belight Tea!

Perhaps you remember back in December when I put forth my challenge: to create a tea that was natural, effective, and supportive of health, digestion, and metabolism. Well, finally that dream is realized in Belight!

Belight combines pu-erh tea and specific Chinese herbs in a formula developed by a Chinese medicine doctor. Pu-erh is a fermented tea grown only in the remote highlands of western China; it is a rare tea, little known in the US. The combination of seeds, leaves, and fruits in Belight work together with Pu-erh to strengthen digestive “Qi” and enhance metabolic processes. Learn more about the tea and herbs in Belight.

The journey to Belight was a long and winding one, filled with mystery and intrigue (well, just kidding). Read about it online.

To thank you for supporting World Vitae, we’re offering a $1 off coupon on your first purchase of Belight. Enter code: “Early1” at checkout, and hurry because it expires October 14.

Please note: Belight is only available to US residents at this time.

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