Its that time of year: gift-giving season.  And always the question of what to give someone… I’m into practical, useful gifts and of course, I’m all about health. Therefore, in my mind the perfect gift is one that clearly and intentionally enhances health and can be put to use immediately.  But is that considered an affront or offensive to some people? There seems to be a fine line in the giving of healthy gifts between saying:

you’re too fat, your lifestyle is unhealthy, clean up your diet or die, stop ruining your health or lose me,


here’s an inspirational book, this is a very educational movie, here’s a fun way we could get fit together, try this fancy juicer.

While I’m exaggerating on both sides, I still find it a very delicate balance.  Of course we all want to encourage, support, and provide our loved ones and friends with the tools to  to live as healthy as possible, but what if they don’t want that for themselves? Or what if they perceive any healthy gifts as an insult or a critique of an already suffering self?

And why are healthy gifts so much more expensive than unhealthy ones?  Compare this: Wii Fit is $100, but the average Wii game is $10.  Chocolate can be had very cheaply, but superfood juice, Oki is about $48 a bottle, making it not a particularly affordable gift. With those kinds of economics, you have to be pretty damn committed to someone’s health.

Unhealthy gifts always seem so much more accessible than healthy ones, too. I walk into a store and start browsing around trying to figure out what to give… Right in front of me is chocolate, alcohol, sweets, and all kinds of other indulgent things. Or movies and video games so people can veg out staring at a screen. The Paleo book, Primal Blueprint, I was looking for, I searched high and low for, and had 2 clerks helping me, yet chocolate and gummies were sitting right next to the cash register.   ::sigh::

It was a struggle, but in the end I had both healthy gifts (Paleo book, yoga DVD, head massager, massages) and not-so-healthy gifts to give (chocolate, beer, coffee press/mug).

What about you?  Do you give healthy gifts?  How do you do it in the right context with the right message? Or are gift cards just a safe bet so then the person can decide for his/her own self?