In the days before Rogaine, Traditional Chinese Medicine used natural options to prevent hair thinning and loss.  While I can’t say I’ve ever seen an involuntarily bald old Chinese guy, apparently someone had the need.

The other day when I was working with the TCM doctor on her new book, I remembered my (to me) seemingly thinning hairline and asked her what she recommended.  Don’t tell my dad, but he and I clearly come from a lineage of hair challenged folks; his hair is almost non-existent and his parents didn’t have much left to work with before they passed either.  After years of ponytails, tearing brushes through my hair, parting it and playing with it too much, combined with my genes, I’ve noticed my hairline creeping back each year and the area around my part becoming scarily thin.  Hence the question.

While she was kind enough to tell me my hair looked fine and I was probably just obsessing, her solution was ginger.  Yes, that ginger that you cut up and put in stir-fry or make into warming tea.

Use fresh ginger root, cut a slice, and rub it straight on the thinning or receding hair.  She assured me this was the most effective at-home method of preventing further hair loss according to the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

No proof yet, but at least its worth a try.