Go Local

Starting the end of the month (June 30-July 7) is National Independents Week here in the US.  This is a time when everyone is encouraged to shop at, eat at, and buy from independently-owned (local) businesses.

So you’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with health? And how can you tell people to ‘Go Local’ when your blog is titled “World Vitae”?!

Whether you’re traveling the world, or just embracing the best of what the world has to offer, you have to eat somewhere and you have to shop somewhere, so why not support the community you’re in while you’re at it??  Even when I was in the travel industry, this was  my philosophy: support the independent guy, patronize the homestyle restaurant serving foods from their backyard, buy from the local shop, and find the family-run hotel.

peppers-veggiesWhat I mean is this: whether its just for that week, or all year round, try to find an independent or locally-owned option in your nearby area.  This certainly won’t work all the time and not all products (e.g. tea) you need are produced or offered locally, but when they are, why not give them a try

And now to answer the health question: In regards to foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, the closer to ripeness they’re picked, and the closer to picking they’re eaten, the more nutrient dense they are. Foods that have been trucked and traveled several hundred (or thousand) miles have lost their freshness and some of their nutrient profile.  That can be a significant difference in the carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are available to you.

Besides, don’t you feel like foods that have been hand-picked or personally prepared taste better and are more satisfying?  There’s a kind of loving energy that goes into them that you can taste and feel!

That’s my message to go local, choose fresh, and eat healthy to create VITAE (vitality) for you.

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