wish_cupsTwo to three years ago, it was pre-Belight Tea days…

There were dreams, ambitions, visions, and big plans for the product being created, solving a common problem, touching lives, and building a business.

Then, like with any monumental goal, dark clouds came and cast shadows of doubt, and they rained–no, poured–on the grand vision. There were a lot of low times.

But, as with all great undertakings requiring patience and perseverance, eventually the clouds of looming failure and shadows of doubt began to dissipate.

On the 2 year anniversary of Belight Tea, this is what we’re celebrating–not just a growing business, impacting more lives, and Belight’s first overseas presence (soon to be available in Singapore), but rather

The Realizing of dreams,

The Rediscovering of strength and confidence, and

The Power to live a life once only envisioned

Whether that’s for your health, your body image and weight, your relationships, or your job, business, or life, embrace that!

Embrace your dreams, your strength, your confidence, and your ideal life and celebrate with us. We’ll raise a cup of Belight to you and your success!

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3. Voila! A box of Belight for free. Don’t forget to proceed through normal checkout.

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Check it out, then

Raise a cup of Belight in celebration!