This is the second post on healthy infusion teas; the first post is here.

Numerous kinds of teas, or more accurately, infusions, can be bought all over China, but many can also be made at home.  Different ones are chosen to improve and enhance health, while some can be drunk just because they have a nice flavor.  Fruit and flower infusions can ease pain and discomfort, improve digestion, make you feel warmer or cooler, and generally calm and soothe.

Cinnamon — Boil cinnamon into tea or add ground cinnamon to cooking.  Any other type of tea or coffee can also be swirled with cinnamon sticks.  Cinnamon gives you a warming feeling, helping to stop colds, ease menstrual cramps, clear phlegm, and induce sweating to relieve fever

Chen PiTangerine Peel (Chen Pi) — After you peel a tangerine, set it out on a tray to dry, and save and dry the white strands as well.  Once dry to the point of cracking and being brittle, you can add to hot water for a slightly orange flavored tea.  Tea of the peels can aid digestion, relieve stomach distension, remove phlegm, and strengthen digestion.  The white strands are good for women who suffer swollen breasts during PMS .

Chrysanthemum — Chrysanthemum flower makes a great summer tea as it cools the body, relieves heat, helps with heat-induced blurry vision, and reduces toxicity.