What is it about the weather turning noticeably chillier and the first twinkling of Christmas lights that suddenly everyone seems to start getting sick?

The guy behind you is blowing his nose. The person you just shook hands with has a cough. Your co-worker arrives late to work complaining of a headache after the boozy holiday party the night before. Your dinner companions remark how full they are and how they’re sure their weight will be up in the morning. Your own energy drags and mornings feel tougher than normal.

Everyone has something. Or more than 1 thing.

Luckily, there’s an herbal infusion or tea for pretty much every common ache, pain, or complaint.

And, colder weather also makes people more inclined to consume hot drinks.

Let’s explore a few herbal tisanes and teas that’ll help you stay healthy and happy this holiday season.


Everyone at the office is sick. And now you’re beginning to feel a tickle in your throat. But you’re so busy, you can’t get sick now! You can try willing yourself to stay healthy or try this herbal blend: rich in Vitamin-C containing herbs, this one feels like you’ve landed in the tropics with lemongrass and mint. (Vitamin C helps boost your immune system).

Chest cold, been there, done that, recovered. But you still have a lingering cough or a raspy voice. This one will soothe the respiratory system and chest area, and help to open up your airways, so you can breathe easy again.

Digestion / Metabolism / Detox

Tea Pot Xmas LightsThe holidays (from Halloween through New Year’s) have somehow become be a free pass to eating as much of whatever we want. Sugar, dairy, wheat, and sweets, and all the things you skip over the rest of the year, somehow get on your plate and in your mouth more frequently now. (Don’t worry–I indulge more, too.) Then you feel full, bloated, uncomfortable. Maybe you unknowingly (or even intentionally) consumed something you’re sensitive or intolerant to. To help protect your system from the gut-wrecking effects of sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and possibly gluten or dairy, look to the demulcent and mucilaginous herbs in this blend to help coat the stomach and repair the intestinal lining.

“I’m sooo full” needs a digestive boost, and a way to fight back against scale creep. Our own BeLight will do double-duty: easing your digestive woes and your weight worries.

But if alcohol is your main indulgence, your liver will be demanding nourishment. Assistance processing the alcohol and keeping up with normal toxin-clearing duties. Something to minimize the hangover. Something like this, which includes milk thistle, a known liver booster.

Stress / Inflammation

Late nights. Crammed days. Long shopping excursions. Crowded airports. Fast food. Challenging relatives. Demanding deadlines. And no time for yourself, to sleep enough, or eat right. You might be in need of some stress relief plus some added energy. Check our own BeBalanced.

This scenario, particularly the 1-2-3 punch of junk food, alcohol, and lack of sleep can lead to high levels of inflammation. Sometimes characterized by heightened sensitivity or pain, radiating heat, puffiness, water retention, or joint pain, it’s time to deal with the inflammation. Green tea, and especially Matcha, are both anti-inflammatory, plus you’ll get a nice energy boost with them.

For DIY inflammation relief, boil ginger and turmeric together for about 20-30 minutes, allow to cool, then drink. You can use the powdered spices if that’s all you have, though the fresh roots may yield more flavor and benefits (peel & slice thinly before boiling). You can add black pepper or cayenne for even more spice and anti-inflammatory kick. Milk of your choice and honey may make it more palatable.


Stock up on these herbal infusions and tea now so you’re ready to take on the season and beat the holiday rush. Check ’em out online or see if your favorite herbal shop has something similar.

Was that a sneeze? Time for another cup of High C tea!

Leave a comment–what’s your favorite herbal tisane for staying healthy through the busy holiday season and all winter long?