This is my last weekend in Shanghai–after 5 years here in China. Over that time I’ve seen the city grow, change, and mature in wonderful ways.

One of those is the development of health/wellness communities, events, and startup businesses. I want to introduce a few of those, friends of mine, so that any readers of this blog going to SH (or already there) and looking to get plugged-in can have some good places to start. Plus they’re all fantastic people!

If you meet any of them, tell them I said hi!

Here are a few other health-related things you might be intersted in too.

  • Shanghai Vegetarian club – you don’t have to be a Veggie to go, but keep your meet-eating ways in check when you join for meals, and a great place to be introduced to a wider array of health and spiritual communities
  • Anna Maya – a very cute Japanese-run cafe specializing in vegetarian and vegan food that often hosts healthy events or is a great place to get more info on yoga or other health activities going on around the area
  • TCM Body Talk spa – a day spa I’ve been going to with moxibustion, herbal facials, as well as treatments developed from China’s minorities’ traditions and tailored to your constitution based on a diagnosis by a TCM doctor