What’s better than kicking back after a long day to watch a movie with a glass of wine, a bowl of popcorn, and a friend or lover by your side?

How about a movie that’s entertaining and educational? Or 6 of them…

Recent Healthy Flicks

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Obese with an auto-immune condition, Joe spends 60 days only drinking fruit and vegetable juices to get his health back as he travels across America talking to people about health and longevity.

After watching that movie, you may be throwing out the popcorn, and well, maybe the wine, too….

Cut Poison Burn – Uncovering the truth about America’s “War on Cancer” –the funding, the pharmaceutical companies that perpetuate the cycle causing the only options to be to cut, poison, or burn the cancer out, and the consequences (particularly for children) of exposure to chemo and radiation.

Medical, Inc & Doctored – Exposing the pharmaceutical-medical complex, with a heavy advocacy for chiropractic care and nutrition.

Escape Fire – Detailing the failure of American healthcare and its ability to make anyone healthy.

And just for kicks, an hour-long lecture on nutrition by Gary Taubes, that you can watch right now.