With the clear transition into winter, I’m reminded of bears.  Bears eat a lot in the fall to build up their fat stores and then go into hibernation for winter.

Humans aren’t all that different…

Whether it’s the abundance of holiday food, seasonal stress, colder temperatures that make us bundle up and move less, or less sun (and consequently less Vitamin D), shorter days, and more lethargy, nature conspires, along with our own, usually unintentional, actions to make us just like bears: gaining weight for the winter.

While this serves bears very well, it’s not so nice for most humans!

Most people, myself included, prefer to maintain the same weight, figure, and fitness level despite the season. And when that doesn’t work out, that’s partly why there’s a mad rush on January 2nd to the gym to “get back into shape.”

I’m here to tell you, this year you can break that cycle. It requires planning, it requires being conscientious, it’s going to take some work, but if you truly want to, you can avoid seasonal weight gain.

First, begin to understand why it’s so easy to overeat around the holidays, and how to prevent that stuffed-like-a-turkey feeling.

Before you get to that party, consider the impact that alcohol has, not only on your weight, but on your ability to avoid falling back into bad eating habits.

Next, few people realize how much stress contributes to weight gain, especially the over-busy, food-guilt, or money-worries stress that typically increases in December.

Oftentimes, low Vitamin D levels (from less sun) negatively impact mood, which magnifies stress levels, both of which lead to increased sugar cravings. Besides supplementing with Vitamin D and magnesium, another good approach to curbing carb cravings and reducing snacking is to sip on Belight Tea.

While winter weight gain may have been a perpetual thorn in the side in years past, we can make this winter different.

Start by reading the above linked articles, use them as a guide to help you tap into your inner wisdom, and begin moving in the direction of the most radiant, beautiful, healthy, vibrant you today!

Are you going to wait for the New Year?

Your best health and best life are ready for you. Give yourself the gift of health and peace around food, body, and weight this holiday season.

Images, CC License from Flickr: Bear, Turkey