Valentines DayWith Valentine’s Day in just a few days, love and romance seem to be in the air. But shouldn’t we be thinking of LOVE always?

(This post may seem a bit woo-woo to some people. If that’s you, just read, then mentally file away, see if the concept is presented to you again, and maybe over time your perspective could shift.)


Over the weekend I was at the Sedona Yoga Festival and as part of that listened to a number of experts speak on concepts such as love, happiness, relationships, and mindfulness. One idea that was reinforced listening to these presentations was how our thoughts directly influence our state of being, our happiness, our worldview, events in life, and even our health.

What do your thoughts sound like?

Do the words inside your head repeat like a broken record of:

‘I’m fat. I hate my stomach. I terrible at _____. Why am I so stupid? My life sucks. I’m so miserable. I hate my job.’

If so, we have to wonder, does all this negativity become self-reinforcing? Do we start to believe our own inner critic?

The experts explained that, indeed, negative thoughts create negative emotions and drive negative patterns in our lives.

All of that can also influence physical well being. Chinese medicine explains how thoughts and emotions manifest in the body through different organ systems.

But, what if all the thoughts that ran through our mind everyday were ideas of love, happiness, peace, gratitude, and forgiveness? Would that change how we expressed ourselves? Would that change our attitude toward life? Our health?

Research by a Japanese scientist shows how words, ideas, feelings, and even music change the expression of water crystals. Watch this 3 minute video to see the result.

Perhaps you’d like to try a similar experiment… For the next 4 days, through the end of Friday, try repeating phrases in your mind like,

I am love. I am loving to myself and others. I love and honor myself.

I feel and express gratitude. Happiness is my nature.

Love travels through me. I love and accept myself. I love _____ (whichever body part or activity that you’re usually negative about)

At the end of 4 days, if you noticed nothing, go back to your old ways of thinking. Or don’t.

It is your choice, always, to choose love.

However you choose to do it, whether inwardly to yourself or outwardly to someone else, or both(!), I encourage you to be an expression of love for the next few days (at the very minimum).

Beyond that is up to you!